FIFA 20: EA Promises to make Major Gameplay Changes to its Upcoming Game

Image Courtesy: fifauteam website
Image Courtesy: fifauteam website
Anuj Gupta

The Global Manager of EA, Corey Andress and EA Sports FIFA shared Pitch Notes on twitter which says that they have been listening to the community feedback and are already taking steps to ensure that the upcoming game is without all the flaws of FIFA 19.

Although, the team has not been made clear by naming that these pitch notes will be introduced through FIFA 20. However, they have informed about their limitation of further changing and improving FIFA 19 and that the pitch notes are for next version of the game, which automatically means that these changes will come to FIFA 20.

EA’s FIFA is one of the most anticipated games for the football and gaming fans from all over the world. While FIFA 19 is played as an eSport now, the game is far from perfect.

There have been several complaints about the gameplay of the title, EA tried to fix them by introducing changes through a number of patches, but it really didn't make much difference to the gamers playing.

They have made it clear that the algorithms of a feature like A.I. Defending is very complex and cannot be changed drastically through incremental updates.

Image Courtesy: EA website
Image Courtesy: EA website

EA has collected data from its forums, surveys, content and social channels and has addressed problems of Jumping Volley Kicks, mid-game Dynamic Tactics, First-time Finesse Shots, Defensive Pressure, Near Post Shots, AI Teammate Shot Blocks, Tackling Speed, Stamina on Defensive Constant Pressure, further tuning of Shooting and Skill Moves, Timed Finesse Shots, Timed Shooting Window, and Goalkeeper Movement.

The developer team has also gone through other problems in gameplay like A.I. Defending, 1v1 shooting Consistency, Timed Finishing and more. EA says that it wants to bring clarity to the system so that the users playing the game know what the company is planning for it’s one of the best selling titles.

However, these only words from EA, one can only hope they make these changes to FIFA 20. It will be really exciting to see how EA implements these changes. After all, FIFA 19 was pretty much a dead game throughout its course. FIFA 20 could be its redemption.

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