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FIFA 20: FIFA 20 Demo first impressions

Anuj Gupta
14 Sep 2019, 20:18 IST

Image Courtesy: Shelflife website
Image Courtesy: Shelflife website

FIFA 20 is set to release on 27 September 2019. EA, who are responsible for developing the FIFA titles released the demo version of the game recently. FIFA 19 was not the game everyone expected and turned out to be a disaster for EA after their official patches.

FIFA 20 demo has a Kick-Off mode with a Champions League game and it also has the Volta game mode to test. The demo overall has some exciting new things to talk about.

Normal match gameplay

The gameplay is the most important part of a football simulator title and it is extremely important for the developers to get it right. After trying a couple of matches, it was great to see FIFA 20 having a much slower and realistic pace than FIFA 19. The game in many ways felt like PES 2020, which has build-up gameplay with a lot of passes similar to real football.

At the very first go, the game feels totally different from the recent FIFA titles. The new ball physics has also contributed a lot to make the game much more realistic and different. The new tackling system felt clear and the ball was getting retrieved easily if a well-timed tackle was committed. EA had promised these changes and as of now, the demo seems to have delivered much of it.

Volta Football

Volta was aimed to bring a new refreshed game mode in the new FIFA 20 title. The mode enables users to have fun playing a version of football which is similar to FIFA Street. Volta gives that street and futsal experience to the gamers out there. The graffiti on the walls and the jaw-dropping freestyle football moves is really engaging.

New Features

There are a couple of crowd reaction elements which were noticeable in the game. Firstly, when a player hits the ball into the crowd, spectators duck to dodge the ball. The crowd also reacts when a player comes near them after scoring a goal. However, this only happened in a few selected stadiums like Old Trafford and Bernabéu.

FIFA has also added manager faces to the game. One can see them during the game when a small clip plays to show their reaction on an important moment.

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