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FIFA 20: New Live Gameplay First Impressions

Anuj Gupta

Image courtesy: GiveMeSport website
Image courtesy: GiveMeSport website

The release of new EA’s title, FIFA 20 is not far away with the month of August and a few weeks of September remaining. Among the other matches being played at the eSports World Cup stream, EA revealed new FIFA 20 gameplay. There was a single match played which ended in a draw but it did give out a few key features about the new iteration in the FIFA lineup. So what all did the stream reveal?

Graphics and General Look

Well, FIFA does look a tad bit graphically better every year even if the engine has not been changed. This year that is not the case anymore. It was extremely difficult to say that the match was being played with the new FIFA 20 game. The graphics and the look of the game were almost similar to FIFA 19. There are a few new faces but the overall look was very much same as that of FIFA 19.


This was the department where things seemed very different from FIFA 19. Firstly, the general pace of the match was much slower. There was build up play between the defence and midfield and then from mid to attack was a subtle transformation. There were tons of complaints about quick transformations from defence to attack in FIFA 19 which had an unreal gameplay.

The ball physics also seemed different from kick-off. The ball moved much more realistically and passes seemed to have changed according to that. The swivel on the ball during crosses were also different and better.

Unfortunately, we couldn't see the new free-kick system but corners felt more real and dynamic. Even the general touches on the ball looked really controlled and so did the game overall.

The touch and shot mechanic seemed nerfed and so was the sliding tackle, where the player sliding wouldn't get up quickly and get ready to slide again – kind of what happens in real football.

AI Assistance

Last year FIFA 19 was blamed for its overpowering AI which gave a bad experience to players while defending or in general gameplay. The match played to showcase FIFA 20 seemed completely different with much-improved defence mechanics which rewarded players for timed tackles and challenges.

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