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FIFA 20: What are the New Features and Improvements? Release Date Revealed

Anuj Gupta
Modified 20 Dec 2019, 23:28 IST

Image Courtesy: Youtube website
Image Courtesy: Youtube website

FIFA 20 will launch on 27 September 2019. The game has promised a lot of improvements over its last iteration and introduction of some new features to the new title ahead of its arrival. The EA Play event was held recently on 8 June and a few things about FIFA 20 were revealed there. There was official gameplay footage of the new unfinished game which was streamed live. We have studied different gameplay clips and have noticed some improvements and new additions to the game. We will discuss those game refinements and features in this article.

#1 Flow and Game Build up

According to EA the gameplay will be more authentic now. The build up to the goal or transition from passing short passes to lobbing long balls will be much smoother. The gameplay will create more one on one situations and gamers with higher skills will have more advantage. The gameplay is also noticeably slower and more real like with more space on the pitch to work the ball than other older iterations of FIFA.

#2 Composed Finishing

If you have played FIFA 19, you are probably familiar with its awful finishing and shot taking mechanics. However, EA has been working on a better finishing layout for the new game. The company is taking into consideration that timed finishing was much more difficult but easily the more consistent and over exploited mechanic of the game and that normal one on one shots against the goalkeeper were often much more challenging.

#3 Strafe Dribbling

Strafe Dribbling is a new feature that the EA developers will include in the game. It will offer even more close control to the players who are playing in and around the opponent within tight spaces.

#4 Controlled Tackling System

Anyone who has played FIFA 19 is aware that the game had an issue with its tackling system. Even after a clean and timed tackle the ball would bounce off the player to other attacking players leading to a goal. This issue will be gone by the new tackling system in FIFA 20, which will make sure that the ball normally falls onto a nearby teammate after a timed and clean tackle has been performed.

#5 Set Piece Change

FIFA 20 will welcome a rework on the way set pieces are taken in the game. Both the Free-Kick and Penalty reworks will focus on more accurate and user-friendly ways to score or convert chances. That said, the mechanics will not be easy, it would still require a decent amount of practice to get those free-kick screamers in.

#6 Ball Physics

The developers talking about the game at EA Play said that they have rewrote the ball mechanics altogether. FIFA 20 will have refreshed ball mechanics that is a lot closer to how the ball behaves in real life. Player touches and shots on different parts of the ball will give different results. They have also rewritten how the ball changes trajectory due to spin whether on ground or in the air.

Published 20 Jun 2019, 21:12 IST
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