FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: Best valued Icon Swaps 1 SBCs in FUT 22

Which Icon Swaps 1 SBCs are the best in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team (Image via Sportskeeda)
Which Icon Swaps 1 SBCs are the best in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team (Image via Sportskeeda)

FIFA 22 has opened a sort of Pandora's box with the introduction of the Icon Swaps 1 program that contains 16 SBCs, which players can complete as per their liking.

The SBCs which have been released are quite different from typical SBCs. Unlike traditional FIFA 22 SBCs, players will need Icon Swaps to complete the SBCs. Different SBCs have different requirements for Icon Swaps, and it naturally becomes quite tricky to choose the correct one.


The ideal Icon Swaps 1 SBC for a FIFA 22 Ultimate Team player will depend on their preferences and requirements. However, it is also important to assess a particular Icon Swaps 1 SBC based on the number of Icon Swaps it needs, which is basically its cost. However, FIFA 22 players will not be too disappointed as a few Icon Swaps 1 SBCs are good.

Best Icon Swaps 1 SBCs for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

5) Mid Icon Pack

Not sure how to feel about Icon Swaps.If it was prime Rooney for 17 I could get behind it. But I think the sensible option is taking all the fodder packs for 10 tokens and then taking Rio or the Base/Mid icon pack if you want a gamble.What are you taking?#FIFA22 #FUT22

The Mid Icon Pack requires 10 Icon Swaps and rewards FIFA 22 players with a random icon card that will be a guaranteed mid version. The cost could have been a tad lower, and that is the only downside and reason why the Mid Icon Pack is ranked at 5.

4) Fodder Packs

The Best Icon Swap Choice imo81 x2582 x2583 x25Base or Mid Icon PackOpen the Icon Pack and save the other 3 for TOTY #Fifa22

The three fodder packs of 25 each are an extremely cheap way to get a lot of high-value fodder quite easily and inexpensively. Luckily, a FIFA 22 Ultimate Team player can get an extremely valuable reward at a very reasonable cost.

3) Gianluca Zambrotta Prime Icon


The Prime version of Zambrotta costs 14 Icon Swaps items, so FIFA 22 players will have to be a bit patient to obtain the Icon. However, the high cost is completely justified as the card is an extremely pro-meta card in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

2) Base or Mid Icon Pack


At 8 Icon Swaps, the Base or Mid Icon Pack may not guarantee a Mid icon, but the lesser cost makes it a lot more flexible to combine with other packs. This adds to the Base and Mid Icon Pack's valuation in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

1) Rio Ferdinand Mid Icon


Aside from the fodder packs, Rio Ferdinand's Mid Icon Pack is the most liked one by the FIFA 22 community. It is insanely cheap at only 7 Icon Swaps and is a really good card for the FIFA 22 meta as well. The more affordable price also allows FIFA 22 players to combine Ferdinand's iconic card with at least one other icon.

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