Final Fantasy 16 Angel of Death Notorious Mark guide - Location, how to defeat, and more

Also known as Aruna, Angel of Death is one of Final Fantasy XVI
The Angel of Death in Final Fantasy 16 isn't hard to come across (Image via Square Enix)

Final Fantasy 16 has a wide variety of Notorious Marks to hunt, and one you will encounter early is the Angel of Death, also known as Aruna. This enemy can make players stumble when fighting it. Thankfully, it’s a C-Rank enemy - which is the weakest variety of monsters to hunt in the game. However, that doesn’t mean you can take it lightly.

If you want to know how to find and fight the Angel of Death in Final Fantasy 16, you've come to the right place.

How to find Angel of Death in Final Fantasy 16

Just head from Northreach, and you'll find Aruna in FF16 (Image via Square Enix)
Just head from Northreach, and you'll find Aruna in FF16 (Image via Square Enix)

You can begin this Notorious Hunt around the "Here Be Monsters" Main Story Quest of Final Fantasy 16. Also known as Aruna, this particular mark is listed as the Angel of Death. It’s likely going to look familiar since you’ve already bested Benedikta Harman in the story.

To find this monster, teleport to Northreach. From there, hop on your chocobo and ride southwest. Just past the “Claireview” on the region map, you’ll start to see a flying enemy moving in circles. That’s Aruna, the Angel of Death.

How to defeat Angel of Death in Final Fantasy 16


When I encountered the Angel of Death in FF16, it was level 27, the same as Clive Roswell. If you remember the mini-bosses Benedikta had, it will feel similar.

Aruna's opening move will be a swift dash attack, and failure to dodge will knock you into the air. She will also do a slow-charging air blast. Thankfully, it’s incredibly easy to get out of the way.

Additionally, Angel of Death has wide arcing wing strikes in a variety of arcs. She also likes to smash down at the ground with wind energy, so be careful.

Aruna’s a relatively simple fight without exceptionally complex attacks. After the stagger, she will add a few stronger wing strikes, including one that spins in a 360-degree motion around her.

That’s all there is to keep in mind for this boss. Just push her around, and the fight will be over quickly.

What are your rewards for defeating Angel of Death in Final Fantasy 16?

Rewards for victory

  • 350 XP
  • 40 AP
  • 6,200 Gil
  • 10 Renown
  • Clouded Eye x1

This Notorious Mark can be easily defeated, so the rewards aren’t great. You’ll use the Clouded Eye in a recipe later in the game, so it is worth having. It’s also never a bad time to have more EXP and AP, either. At this point in time, 6,200 gil is a pretty big amount, so ultimately, this fight is worth taking on.

Aruna is just one of the first Notorious Marks you’ll find in FF16. There will be greater challenges later, but this is a solid one to begin with.

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