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Final Fantasy XV Demo boasts higher resolution on PS4

Final Fantasy XV Demo boasts higher resolution on PS4

News 20 Mar 2015, 16:17 IST
Final Fantasy XV

The West had a lot of happy gamers as Final Fantasy Type-0 HD was finally within their grasp along with the even more anticipated Final Fantasy XV demo, titled Episode Duscae. The hype surrounding the demo was so much that gamers bought the $60 game just to play the demo.

Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata had previously said that the demo would not be 1080p. However, with its release we have learnt that the PS4 and the Xbox versions are different.

Due to the deadline issues it was almost certain that it would not be perfect, which is definitely the case with some frame rate and other issues.  Through direct-feed images of both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the Final Fantasy XV demo we have been able to paint a better picture of the resolution situation.

According to Beyond3D, the PlayStation 4 version of the Final Fantasy XV demo clocks in at 900p, while the Xbox One version is somewhere around 800p. If we analyze this we see that it makes perfect sense as games like Titanfall saw their beta on Xbox One come in at 792p, and the actual release of Watch Dogs even was 900p on PlayStation 4 and 792p on Xbox One.

On the bright side, we have something to keep us entertained until the actual release of Final Fantasy XV. If the game is released towards the end of the year, that would give developers plenty of time to increase the resolution of the game.

However, if we choose to compare based on resolution, PS4 beats Xbox One although it should not make much of a difference.

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