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Final Fantasy XV might get a simultaneous worldwide release date

Square Enix’s upcoming Final Fantasy XV might just get a simultaneous worldwide release and not the usual way of releasing the game in Japan before releasing it elsewhere

News 26 Jan 2015, 23:49 IST
Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix’s upcoming Final Fantasy XV might just get a simultaneous worldwide release. This is very unlike previous games from the Final Fantasy series which have released in Japan first. Games that are developed in Japan normally get a Western release months (and sometimes years) after the Japanese release which can frustrate gamers from around the globe.

Square Enix has explained that the reason for this is because the Final Fantasy games require English Voice acting which takes a bit of time. So they stick with releasing the game in Japan first and then in the West a few months later. But this time it seems that Square Enix will be doing something different with the Final Fantasy XV release. In his recent interview with Level Up, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata has revealed his plans for the games release date.

Tabata has stated that he hopes the game will have a simultaneous worldwide release date, as this will ensure that gamers everywhere will get to experience playing the game at the same time.

When a game gets a Japanese release first, Western fans normally visit YouTube or other forums and this sort spoils the experience for them as the already know what’s about to happen by the time the game releases in their countries. So a simultaneous release date does avoid spoiling the games story for Western players.

Tabata has not revealed the release date for Final Fantasy XV but hopefully we should have an announcement from Square Enix in the coming months. A Final Fantasy XV demo copy will be included in the first batch of Final Fantasy Type 0-HD Collector’s Edition which will be launching on March 17th.

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