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Fixing the Apex Legends code 100 error

Apex Legends
Apex Legends
Rob Kalajian
Modified 15 Feb 2021

Apex Legends' Code 100 error has been around for over a year now, first becoming a major problem for players in early 2020.

Code 100 takes place when a player needs to "complete their EA Account sign in."

Apex Legends code 100 error: The fix

The Code 100 error can happen to any player, whether on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation. So far, EA has failed to acknowledge the issue publicly.

There is no news on when an official fix will be on the way for players. Thankfully, resourceful players have come up with temporary fixes on their own.

The fix involves players changing their network DNS to point to a public DNS service instead of one provided by their ISP. Google's Open DNS servers are a great option to use.

Fixing Apex Legends Code 100 on the PC

  1. Using the Windows Search Box (Win+R), search for "Network Connections."
  2. Right-click on the active network connection and choose "Properties."
  3. Find "Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)" and choose "Properties."
  4. Select "Use the following DNS server addresses’' and use for the Primary DNS and for the Secondary DNS.
  5. Select "OK" and then restart the PC to make sure the changes take effect.

Fixing Apex Legends Code 100 on the PS4 & PS5

Fixing the Apex Legends Code 100 error on the PS4 or PS5 is relatively simple.

  1. Go to Settings > Network> Set Up Internet Connection
  2. Choose the connection type
  3. Select "Custom" and set each to the following:
  • IP Address Settings: Automatic
  • DHCP Host Name: Do Not Specify
  • DNS Settings: Manual
  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:
  • MTU Settings: Automatic
  • Proxy Server: Do Not Use

Once players save their settings, they should be all set. Relaunch Apex Legends, and the error should not come back up.

Fixing Apex Legends Code 100 on the Xbox One & Series X/S

Fixing the Apex Legends Code 100 error on the Xbox is just as easy as it is on the Playstation.

  1. Go to Settings > Network > Advanced Settings > DNS Settings
  2. Change the Primary DNS and Secondary DNS to
  3. Save the settings

As with the Playstation, make sure to close out of Apex Legends and restart the game entirely for the settings to take effect.

This fix has a high chance of successfully ridding players of the Apex Legends Code 100 error until Respawn Entertainment and EA officially patch the game.

Published 15 Feb 2021, 21:01 IST
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