Flashback Doumbia: Easiest way to complete Doumbia SBC in FIFA 19

Flashback Doumbia
Flashback Doumbia

For all FIFA lovers, Seydou Doumbia holds a special place in their memory. The Ivorian was one of the most sought after players in FIFA 15 and EA Sports have released a Flashback card of his.

The 87-rated card is available only via SBC but not many FIFA fans are happy with it. The best thing about his card in the older version of the game was his pace combined with his insane stamina. But in FIFA 19, even with the flashback card, EA has given him stamina of just 70.

While his shooting and pace stats are still insane, he is bound to get tired and not many have opted to do his SBC. Flashback Torres, David Villa, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and even Chelsea's David Luiz have been the hot favourite according to the fans so far.

Doumbia will be one of the worst Flashback cards this season and might just be fighting Flashback Baines for the wooden spoon.

To get Doumbia's Flashback card, you will have to complete two SBCs.

SBC #1 – La Liga


Min. Spain Primera Division Players: 2

Min. Team Rating: 86

Min. Team Chemistry: 75

Number of Players in the Squad: 11


The above squad will cost around 170k to build from scratch. It is important to go with the exact positions of each and every player mentioned in the above squad as it will affect the chemistry a lot.

Matuidi will have to be played a CB even though he is a CDM, whole Karim Benzema will have to be in the CF role to have full chemistry.

Instead of Lacazette, you can add Diego Costa but for that, you will have to switch Ribery with someone like Ousmane Dembele or Coutinho. That will result in the cost increase but will get you better chemistry.

SBC #2 – Les Éléphants


Min. Ivory Coast Players: 1

Min. Team Rating: 84

Min. Team Chemistry: 70

Number of Players in the Squad: 11


Probably the only time people in Britain will be happy that Wilfried Zaha chose Ivory Coast over England. The Crystal Palace star leads the link in this SBC which requires one player from the African country.

The full squad will cost you around 70k on PS4, 77k on XBOX and 93k on PC. The players are all from the Premier League so the issue of chemistry will never arise. Moreover, none of the players are difficult to get and snipping them in the market can lower the cost by 5-7k.

Overall, the cost of the SBC will be around 150-175k. While the card looks good at first glance, it is not worth it based on in-game stats. Doumbia is easily exhausted and you will have to replace him before the 60th minute itself. If he comes on as a sub, he's still gets tired by the end of the game.

Edited by Riju Dasgupta


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