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Force One Esports issue clarification on COD Mobile India Pro Cup controversy

Force one ESports
Force one ESports
Modified 17 Feb 2021

Professional Esports team Force One has stated the recent controversy during the COD Mobile India Pro Cup. The team clarified their stance on their official Instagram and YouTube channels.

The controversy started when Godlike Esports refused to continue their quarter-finals match against Force One, citing a rule violation on the latter's substitution issue.

Force One issue clarification

Force One Esports had earlier made a substitution after two of their players, Ignite and Elf, could not compete in the playoffs due to a medical emergency in their family. The substitute player "Death," who usually plays for Reckoning, was a stand-in for Force-One Esports during the two initial rounds.

According to Force One Esports, after their team was leading 2-0 in the match, the opposing team, Godlike Esports, called for a break and complained to the management regarding their decision to let Death compete.

Force One Esports said that management, after reviewing the situation, contradicted their own decision and dis-allowed "Death" from competing further.

Earlier, according to Force One Esports, the management had allowed "Death" to compete in the match after Force One had properly submitted the required paperwork and requested that officials allow substitutions based on a medical emergency.

After pressure from management, the team said they decided to compete without "Death." Still, the management asked them to restart the match from a 0-0 scoreline instead of 2-0.


Force One disagreed with this decision and was disqualified from the match. They were later asked to compete in the match against Forty Club Esports, which they won and clinched fifth place in the tournament.

Force One Esports said they felt wronged. The continuous grind for over a month was overrun by rash decision-making by the management. They also stressed that their intentions weren't malicious, and neither do they stand against any player or organization.

The team said they believed Loco's upper management would look into the issue and provide justice.

So far, no official statement has been made by the organizer of the tournament. It would be intriguing to see if the Loco management takes any action on this issue.

Published 17 Feb 2021, 19:01 IST
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