Former Riot Games employee shares wholesome story about person pestering him asking to buff a champion

Twitch Streamer Blaustoise reveals a story about a fan (Image via Sportskeeda)
Twitch Streamer Blaustoise reveals a story about a fan (Image via Sportskeeda)

Former Riot Games employee Nathan 'Blaustoise' Blau is a popular name in the gaming space, mainly due to his engaging streams. But the Twitch streamer's contributions in the game development section under the umbrella of industry giants have not gone unnoticed.

Interestingly, talking about his time with Riot Games in a recent stream, Blaustoise revealed a fascinating story about a League of Legends player who pestered him regarding one of the game's champions.

Former Riot Games employee Blaustoise shares "touching story" about a League of Legends enthusiast

During his latest stream following his appearance at the Streamer Awards, Blaustoise opened up about the direct messages he receives from individuals on the internet.

Blaustoise on fans' messages (Image via Twitter/blaustoise)
Blaustoise on fans' messages (Image via Twitter/blaustoise)

Blaustoise expressed that most of the direct message requests he receives from his fans are rather weird.

"I've had people like just message me some weird f***ing shit."

Thankfully, they are not the only ones the streamer receives. After walking his audience through the eccentric experience he has had with direct messages on the social media platform, Blaustoise shared one of the "funniest" ones so far with a League of Legends player who seemingly wanted the in-game character Yorick to be buffed.

"Actually, one of the funniest ones was some dude who used-- I had one of those people who messaged me every day. This was back when I worked at Riot. Someone messaged me every day for Yorick buffs."

The streamer also disclosed that he was essentially "addicted" to seeing the same message over and over again. When the developers finally updated the character, the fan thanked Blaustoise and stopped messaging him. However, Blaustoise still continued to think about the individual.

"And I thought it was like a meme-y thing this person did it for like 200 hundred days. And I used to like check in on it. I got like addicted to it. So I wanted to like see, eventually I would like actually start to check to make sure he messaged me that day. Never failed. Always 'Buff Yorick.' And then, you know, eventually a champion is gonna be buffed, and they did eventually buff Yorick. And then literally, I checked it that day, and he said like, 'Thanks.' And I never heard from him again."

This experience did leave a smile on the former Riot Games employee's face as he shared his thoughts on the wholesome story later on.

"And it was actually like one of the like most beautiful DM request that I never accepted but still looked at. And it was actually like a touching story."

The same individual contacted Blaustoise again after coming across the clip:

Three years after the initial exchange, it seems that the Twitch streamer and ex-Riot Games employee finally received the closure he was looking for.

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