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Fortnite additions/improvements the community expects in Season 2, Chapter 1 update tomorrow

What will the new update bring?
What will the new update bring?
Modified 19 Feb 2020

Fortnite Season 2, Chapter 1 is all set to be launched tomorrow. The big update is finally about to hit our Epic launchers.

 While the excitement factor within the community is evenly split with about 50% of the people not as excited as they used to be and some thankful that the new season will bring about a whole new stream of content to keep them entertained.

The community, on many occasions during the first season, has pointed out a ton of flaws the game has and requested the devs for certain additions within the game that would make their lives easier. The v12.00 might see some of the most demanded features make its way into the game.

#1. FOV Slider

Let's face it, the Fortnite native FOV is not nearly enough for most people. To experience the 1920x1080 Fortnite native your monitor needs to be a 16:9 ratio and like most people, if you are on a 4:3 monitor or a low-end laptop, your FOV might be degraded even further. To add to the argument, most games, even the ones that might now be considered "trivial", come with a FOV slider, Minecraft, for instance, has a slider. 

The addition of a FOV slider may bring about some interesting changes in the Fortnite competitive scene which is also why it's one to watch out for!

#2. Improved FPS / Ping

With the recent v11.00 line of updates, Fortnite's FPS and network connection seem to have really taken a hit. Most players, even ones with good setup, seem to be experiencing low FPS, hitching and FPS Drops randomly during their gameplays. Nobody likes to lag out and lose the game when you clearly would have clutched and claimed that victory. On the other hand, players have constantly been experiencing packet loss and high ping issues which have had many leave the game in rage. 


#3. Regular updates / Patch notes

Most of the community that dates back to the old days felt connected with the developers since patch notes were regular, the Epic games forum served as a portal for the community to interact with the devs and vice-versa. Chapter 2 has undoubtedly been the worst in terms of communication from Epic games. The updates are irregular and scarce, the game has been in a stale state lacking content and racking up glitches which lead to an unpleasant experience overall for the players involved. The community has been loud about their demands involving regular updates and communication from Epic, only time can tell whether their voices were heard or not.

Published 19 Feb 2020, 22:58 IST
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