Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 leaks: Doomsday Phase 1, aqua theme lobby concept, v12.60 update, fake Epic email & more

  • New leaks that have recently emerged about Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3.
  • These leaks include the infamous Doomsday event, discussions about v12.60, and season 3 lobby screen.
Modified 10 May 2020, 20:05 IST

A Chapter 2, Season 3 Lobby concept (Art and Image Credits: u/easkate)
A Chapter 2, Season 3 Lobby concept (Art and Image Credits: u/easkate)

The end of Fortnite season 2, Chapter 2 is almost here. We are less than a month away from the new, possibly "aqua" themed, Season 3, Chapter 2. 

Various leaks keep taking place in the Fortnite community every now and then regarding the same, until the new season actually arrives. These recent Fortnite leaks revolve around the following topics:

  • Doomsday Event in Fortnite
  • Fortnite v12.60 upcoming update
  • Chapter 2, Season 3 Lobby concept.

Doomsday Event in Fortnite

The much-hyped Doomsday event will be the end-of-season event in Fortnite. The event will also help the Fortnite story line move forward.

As Fortnite fandom describes it, Here is what the doomsday event is all about.

Midas and the engineers have begun working on a device used by the Gilded Scepter in order to activate a powerful device that was hidden in his Agent Office. Hatches around "The Agency" began to glow with the power of the storm. Anybody that found out about the Device was immediately killed and their masks were frozen gold as a trophy for Midas.

Popular Fortnite data-miner, HYPEX revealed that the stage work for the doomsday event is all set. 

Image Credit: HYPEX & xKleinMikex
Image Credit: HYPEX & xKleinMikex

The event will be a sight to behold. In a tweet, he mentioned that the doomsday device will produce "Electric Sparks and smoke effect" and will glow as a result of that. 


From the looks of it, the Device seems to be headed towards a massive explosion due to the energy leak.

Fortnite v12.60 Upcoming Update (Possible Bugfixes)

The issues that read "Reports of server performance issues" has now been on top of the Fortnite community issues list.

We are unsure whether a fix for the server performance problem will be implemented with the upcoming v12.60 Fortnite update. The issue causes players to experience input delay, ping spikes, packet loss and other network problems. 

The official description for the issue reads the following:

We're aware and investigating reports of server performance issues.
To help in our investigation, we ask you to direct message us videos of the server performance issues you're experiencing to our @FortniteStatus Twitter account.
In your videos, please make sure Net Debug Stats are turned on. And after capturing your videos, please send an in-game bug report.
Please specify in your message to @FortniteStatus that your message is regarding server performance.

Here is a list of issues which are set to be fixed with the upcoming v12.60 Fortnite update

1) Dragacorn Glider temporarily disabled in competitive playlists.


Work is ongoing on fixing the animation, the Dragacorn Glider will thus temporarily appear as a default Glider in competitive playlists on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac. The animation fix will apply to all platforms and modes.

After the Glider's animation changes, owners of the Glider will have the option to refund it without the use of a refund token.

2) Hit Indicators show wrong direction.


Hit / Damage Indicators will sometimes appear to be coming from the wrong direction than the source of the damage.

3) Replays not saving (Under Investigation)


Some players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One may not see any recorded replays when viewing them in the Career tab.

Chapter 2, Season 3 Lobby Concept

As discussed in numerous leaks all around the Fortnite community, the theme for Fortnite Season 3 could potentially be "Flood or Aqua"

It would only be right if the lobby screen matches the theme. Here is a cool concept art work from a reddit user who goes by the name EASKATE.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 Lobby concept (Image Credits: u/easkate)
Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 Lobby concept (Image Credits: u/easkate)

In other Fortnite news, an email that states all the information about the upcoming Doomsday event and a new Party Royale Event that supposedly features Rick Astley and Alan walker, is now confirmed as fake.

Here is an image of the fake "Epic games" mail. Players are advised to ignore the mail.

Image Credit:Storm Leaks on Twitter
Image Credit:Storm Leaks on Twitter

iFire Monkey, a popular Fortnite leaker, has revealed a list of challenges which will be up five days later. These challenges will be a part of the 'Local Domination' and will grant players a total of 90,000 XP to complete them all.

These challenges come as a ray of hope for many who have still not unlocked the golden selectable styles for their skins. Most of these selectable skin styles require players to reach a higher level in-game, which is possible only through XP collection.

Published 10 May 2020, 20:05 IST
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