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Fortnite Community Leaker creates Fortnite patch notes website, will be live soon

(Image Credit: @HYPEX)
(Image Credit: @HYPEX)
Modified 10 Sep 2020, 01:11 IST

Fortnite has had a fraught relationship with patch notes. A few seasons ago, Fortnite decided to do away with the detailed public patch notes in lue of simply pushing out an update and allowing players to discover most of the changes themselves. What sprang up in response was a semi-organized communal response of hunting for changes following every patch, and thanks to @HYPEX, now players will be able to find all changes in one location.

Fortnite patch notes and community leakers

Fortnite hasn’t had a season go by without something major getting leaked prior to its planned announcement or reveal. Unless you believe that Epic is somehow finely controlling these leaks, an unlikely proposition given how frequently embarrassing they end up being, then unplanned leaks have become the major way that Fortnite fans find out about planned updates to the game.

These leakers have not only been responsible for revealing updates, such as future seasons, planned features, skins, game modes, and so on, but have also been responsible for disseminating information about patches after the fact. Whether that means crunching the numbers for buffs and nerfs, or simply identifying changes to spawn rates and locations, it is the community who discovers and publicizes much of that information.

And so long as that is the case, then it makes sense for someone in the Fortnite community to have taken the step of creating a unified location to read about patch notes and updates in a way that is far easier than scrolling endlessly through Twitter.

@HYPEX plans to launch their site soon

According to yesterday’s announcement, @HYPEX will bring the website online during the week’s update. So far, screened features include a Fortnite XP Calculator, list of items, and detailed stats and descriptions for those items including their associated tags in the game’s code.

This site will definitely make it far easier for players, both competitive and casual alike, to look at in-game items and develop strategies, plans, and form opinions about the game, and likely improve Fortnite overall. Keep an eye out for when the site goes live.

Published 10 Sep 2020, 01:11 IST
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