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Fortnite: Deadpool is waging war on Aquaman to protect his Yacht

Fortnite's next seasonal event could feature Deadpool and Aquaman in a faceoff (Image Credits: Playstation Grenade)
Modified 06 Jul 2020

Fortnite has had a long-standing history with superhero’s and villains! Moreover, one of the Epic Games’ first cross-over was with Marvel, which made way for the ‘End-Game’ LTM featuring Thanos, during Chapter 1, Season 4. Since then, a horde of characters from both Marvel Universe and DC have made their way into the game.

Although multiple superheroes have been in the Fortnite item shop as part of the ‘promotional cross-over’, a handful of them have attached themselves to the on-going Fortnite Season 3 storyline; namely – Aquaman & Deadpool.

If you haven’t already noticed, Fortnite Season 3 features both the characters. Knowing Epic Games’ and their tendency to spice things up, these paladins from opposite ends of the world are probably here for a reason which isn’t clear just yet.

Could this be an early teaser towards Deadpool vs Aquaman in Fortnite Season 3?

While most of these theories are wild speculations at this point, it wouldn’t be surprising if Epic Games went ahead and announced an in-game event or perhaps an LTM which involves the two superhero’s

Talking of LTM’s, Epic is also planning to bring in regular LTM rotations back in Fortnite Season 3, which to say the least is relieving to hear; given how monotonous the game could get with only regular playlists.

You can read more on the upcoming LTMs here.

Deadpool isn’t having any of it.

The Superhero is all set to goto war in order to protect his precious Yacht (Image Credits: OrrisaPost)
The Superhero is all set to goto war in order to protect his precious Yacht (Image Credits: OrrisaPost)

In Chapter 2, Season 2, the community witnessed Deadpool’s grand entry into Fortnite. However, that ended up with Meowscles having his Yacht taken over by the nonchalant daredevil, and to top it all off, the superhero is still calling it his home, denying to give it up at all.

But as they say ‘all good things must come to an end’, and it seems like the end-of-line for the masked maniac.

Aquaman is here, and is all set to make his debut in Fortnite Season 3 in a short while. From the looks of it however, it doesn’t seem like Deadpool is going down without a fight either

Here a graffiti that can now be found on the Yacht.

Deadpool's Yacht has a graffiti with Aquaman's trident on it (Image Credits: PlayStation Grenade)

Popular Fortnite Youtuber, Playstation Grenade also hinted towards the possibility of an epic Marvel vs DC faceoff during the conclusion of the Superhero segment in Season 3 storyline.

Upon a closer look, the graffiti captures a determined Deadpool, ready to wage war, if that’s what its going to take to stop Aquaman.

Published 06 Jul 2020, 23:00 IST
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