Fortnite: Does Ninja have a wife?

Rishabh B.
Modified 07 Jul 2020

Fortnite’s rise in popularity has had a hugely-positive impact on its user base. One such effect was on streamers, who used to stream gameplay of other games, switching to Fortnite and changing their lives for the better.

2018 is often considered as the year Fortnite truly became a global giant. That was the first year it registered revenues of more than a billion, and that had a positive impact on massively-popular streamers like Ninja as well.

In this article, we look at some personal aspects of Ninja’s life.


Who is Ninja’s wife?

Ninja’s wife is Jessica Blevins, maiden name Jessica Goch. While you may attribute most of her fame to her ultra-famous gamer husband, she herself has a rather-successful cooking stream on Twitch, with around 456k followers.

Furthermore, she habitually posts videos related to cooking, gaming and other lifestyle-related clips on YouTube, and has around 224k followers on the platform. She herself is an avid gamer, and is also the manager for her streamer husband.

Below, you can see the couple's wedding film, initially posted on YouTube by Old North FIlm Company:

According to reports, Jessica is particularly crucial to much of Ninja’s commercial success, and other non-Fortnite commitments that he is regularly involved in. She is also considered to be the guiding force behind Ninja’s recent move to Microsoft’s gaming platform Mixer. She has also talked about the innumerable issues that the two had with the kind of contracts Twitch had offered over the past year or so.

In a recent interview where she traced their journey from the start, Jessica said that unlike in the beginning, where she had to go out and pitch her husband to potential sponsors, the situation has reversed, and understandably so. Ninja’s Fortnite streaming antics across Twitch and now Mixer, along with his rather witty personality, have made him a truly-global superstar.


This success has also been recognised by the developers of Fortnite, with Epic Games making him the first real-life personality to be part of their ‘Icon’ series at the start of 2020. Jessica further said that she regularly gets more than 150 emails regarding Ninja’s availability, and this does not include the hundreds of fan mails that he receives on a daily basis.

To cope with this, she has a full-time team of around 15 people working, that includes PR specialists, a YouTube editor, a social media manager and various personal assistants. She says that such a team of experts is especially useful when dealing with the ‘always in the news’ kind of personality that Ninja is.


Only recently did we talk about this year’s controversies that Ninja was embroiled in, with a couple of Twitter rants aimed at Fortnite’s developers that were related to various issues that he still believes exist in the game. 

Regardless of his recent qualms with Fortnite, Ninja is a very successful online personality, and much of it can be attributed to the efforts of her manager and wife, Jessica Goch.

Below, you can see the moment Ninja proposed marriage. The video was posted by Jessica on YouTube:

Published 07 Jul 2020
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