Fortnite: Ninja hasn’t touched the game in some time, and here’s why


Before Season 3 was launched, Fortnite had seen considerable stagnation in its user base and revenue. Just a few days ago, SypherPK talked about the reasons that might be behind this decline, and why streamers such as Ninja and Nickmercs have moved towards other gaming titles such as Valorant and League of Legends.

While SyhperPK only recently spoke about the perceived lack of action in Fortnite over the past year, Ninja has been talking about the game’s issues for a while.


Is Ninja quitting Fortnite?

In April 2020, Ninja conceded that he hadn’t been playing Fortnite for a while, which was because of the lack of a controller-aim assist on PC. He further talked about various issues that plagued the battle royale mode of the game, such as lag and bullets travelling through walls.

This was also in response to Epic Games deciding to ban popular streamer Faze Jarvis for ‘hacking’, after which Ninja posted the following on his Twitter wall:

In truth, his Twitter wall reveals a lot about the variety of issues he thinks Fortnite has, and also his growing love for Riot’s Valorant.

Further, in the same month, he complained mid-stream about Fortnite’s standard solo matches after a streak of losses in the mode. Ninja further said that he was basically quitting standard solos even though he was still willing to play the Competitive Arena mode.

However, earlier in the same stream, Ninja had left a queue and complained that he had no intention of waiting around for five minutes before each game, and that until Epic solves these issues, he would rather play something else. The internet star subsequently went on to play Sekiro: Shadows Die twice.

You can see the stream here.


Specific issues aside, Fortnite — before Season 3 — had seen a decline in interest around the world. The reasons were aplenty. Games had become slow because the map was drawn out, and unlike other games, there were no vehicles to get around.

Further, although there were quite a few collaborations and device expansions (read: mobile phones) that Epic had introduced over the past year, most of the new content and equipment were purely aesthetic in nature.

Also, many weapons were overpowered, and gave a distinct advantage to blind shooters. Epic has sought to change this, with respect to update 13.20, and other wholesome changes have been made, or are going to be made over the next month or so.

As we now know, cars will finally be introduced on 21st July in Fortnite, along with new LTMs and weapons that have already been officially confirmed. This should help the game see a revival of sorts.


Regardless, Ninja is the original Fortnite star, the first icon of the game. Many people agree that he can easily be the best player in the world again, if he tries harder and plays more. For the sake of the game, and so that we get to see his brilliant skills in action again, we hope that the recent changes are enough to change his mind, and he returns with greater vigor.

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