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Fortnite: Everything you must do to claim the Storm Kingpin

212   //    08 Jan 2019, 19:07 IST

Image Courtesy: Epic Games
Image Courtesy: Epic Games

There have been numerous instances where the players couldn't get their hands on the Save the World Storm Kingpin even after they felt that they met all the requirements, leading to a huge confusion amongst the Fortnite community.

To clarify, a Reddit post outlines all the tasks that one must achieve to claim the pin; find below the requirements that each player must meet to make themselves eligible for the pin.

Everyone who has completed the campaign on time must link their Epic games account with a valid email address and enable multi-factor authentication at the earliest to claim the Save the World Storm Kingpin.

  • All the players must have completed the 'Stand and Fight' campaign and have defeated the Storm on or before 1 January 2019. Players failing to do so will not be eligible for the reward.
  • Players must have linked Epic Games account with a valid email address. Specific instructions are available on Epic Games' website.
  • Players must have multi-factor authentication enabled. Players have until 13 January 2019 to enable 2FA on their accounts to claim the pin. Also, players who completed all the other requirements barring the 2FA will receive an email from Epic Games to remind them about the same.

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If a player has completed all the steps outlined above, they will receive an email soon from Epic Games containing the instructions on how to claim the Save the World Storm Kingpin. Also, one should note that the email could take a few days to get to them.

Other than the limited-time special edition pin, one will also receive a host of other benefits for defeating the Storm King.

  • Defeating the Storm King for the first time will grant players Anthony, the final member of Steel Wool! One will also receive a Legendary Weapon Schematic, RE-PERK and Epic PERK-UP.
  • Once per day, defeating the Storm King will grant a Miniboss Mission Alert Reward.
  • Upon every completion, players will receive four to five caches containing a mix of Epic or Legendary Schematics, Perk Materials and Evolution Materials. Also, they will receive Survivor, Hero or Schematic XP.

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