Fortnite- Game modes run into serious glitch, players unable to stay in game.

Fortnite is currently experiencing a "game-breaking" glitch.
Fortnite is currently experiencing a "game-breaking" glitch.

Right after the first day of the year, Fortnite has greeted its players with yet another glitch that seems to be game-breaking if not fixed with urgency.

Fortnite is yet again in a shambles with a glitch that is causing a heap of players trouble. The glitch that has been discovered a few hours ago is allegedly causing players to constantly be juggled between in-game and the loading screens which in turn is completely ruining any chances of them being able to play the game.

The glitch has been reported in many different versions from multiple players within the community. As of now, here is all we know about the glitch that is blocking a horde of players from enjoying their favourite game.

Players remain stuck after leaving the battle bus.
Players remain stuck after leaving the battle bus.
  • Players are stuck in a loop where they go back and forth between their loading screen and in-game
  • Players who make it into the game are then subjected to another issue which causes them to not being able to move at all (no emotes, running, walk, etc)
  • Most players reported not loading into the game at all throughout and having to Alt+F4 their way out of the game since it would be stuck for too long in their loading screens.
  • You lose the ability to jump out of the battle bus and have to wait till it reaches the end of the route where it naturally kicks you off, even then players do not have the ability to open their gliders or free fall.
  • Players who made it into the game with "movement" reported that they were moving forward in the game while still being juggled between loading screen and in-game forcing them to Alt+F4 their way out of the game.

There are no official tweets or explanation from Epic games as of now regarding what could possibly be causing this issue. However, keeping in mind Epic's track record they are sure to come forward with a hot patch soon enough.

Stay tuned for more info on everything Fortnite.

Edited by S Chowdhury
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