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Fortnite leak confirms Chinese new year skins, possibly for free!

Modified 21 Jan 2020, 23:45 IST

Fortnite Chinese new year (Image Credit: EpicGames/ShiinaBR)
Fortnite Chinese new year (Image Credit: EpicGames/ShiinaBR)

The Chinese new year is about to unravel a ton of new cosmetics in the game on the 25th of January.

Data miners have recently discovered that with the v11.40 update there Fortnite has a set of skins all set for the Chinese new year. However, If these skins will be presented to us through the in-game item shop or in the form of gifts as a part of a certain event, is still unknown.

At this point, we all know that Epic Games have been rather creative when it comes to revealing new information or secrets. The StarWars event was teased initially with the in-game posters, Winterfest came as a surprise to many and the community had an outstandingly positive response to this event which may be another motivation to celebrate the Chinese new year with an event similar to the ones mentioned above.

The Chinese skins and New year additions have been made in the past in Fortnite and it seems that the year 2020 will be no different. Data miners have revealed what the Chinese New year skins for the year 2020 will look like. Here is a compilation of all the images that were leaked.

'Swift' Skin. (Image Credits: ShiinaBR)

The Swift Skin displays the classic Red, Gold and Black color combination that most Chinese skins use. Wukong, Scarlet Defender and Crimson Scout, just to name a few are also part of the Chinese Lunar year pack. These skins also use similar vibrant color combinations that set them aside from other skins in-game.

'Jade Racer' Skin (Credit: EpicGames / ShiinaBR)

Jade Racer is allegedly a rare skin type and will be available for 1200 vbucks in the Fortnite item shop. The skin comes with backbling and has an obvious racer vibe to it with the helmet and the exhaust shaped back-bling. The color combination also has not been seen in many skins prior to this in Fortnite and will sure be a sight to see in-game. The skin is currently unreleased and will be available in the future as we move into the Chinese new year timeline.

'Shifu' Skin (Credit: EpicGames / ShiinaBR)

The Shifu skin has a very obvious authoritative vibe to it due to it looking like a very dangerous and skillful "master". The description of the skin reads: "Master of harmonious victory" which, to say the least, perfectly defines the feeling you get upon looking at the skin. The minimalist color scheme used is what helps it stand out from the crowd. The pick-axe appears to be a spear with a horizontal blade added to it which is a shape that has been used in many Chinese themed pick-axes. The Bamboo hat which could either be another selectable style option for the skin or it's back bling is still unknown.

'Tigress' Skin (Credit: EpicGames / ShiinaBR)

The Tigress skins is both complex and neat at the same time. The clever color combinations and the choice of character model for the skin go a long way in helping the skin stand out from the rest. The description of the skin reads: "On the prowl with ancestral style". The set also features dual pick-axes and a sword which is most likely a backbling for the same skin.

'Gan' Skin (Credit: EpicGames / ShiinaBR)

The Gan Skin will be available in two selectable style variants. One features Gan with long braided hair in a blue outfit, while the other one is a clean shaven variant in a striking yellow outfit. The outfit is more inclined towards one of the simpler skins that are available within the set. If you are an Avatar fan, this might be your chance to grab an in-game item that closely resembles your favourite character.

'Smoke Dragon' Skin (Credit: EpicGames / ShiinaBR)

Smoke Dragon, with it's color combinations and cosmetics, could certainly give other "hyped" skins out there some serious competition. The skin, with its combination of dark and vibrant color tones, sure gives it the bossy look that it demands. Smoke Dragon will be available in two different variants, one with a pink and purple combination and the other one is a sky blue and golden combo. The skin will also feature dual pick-axes as a part of it's set and based on the leaked image, the skin will also have it's own wrap available.

Keeping in mind the success of WinterFest, it is entirely possible these skins may be part of another event that will hit Fortnite during the Chinese new year and that creates the possibility of these skin(s) being free i.e completing a set of challenge will unlock them in a similar way it did in WinterFest.

Published 21 Jan 2020, 23:45 IST
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