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Fortnite Leaks all but confirm the return of Kevin the Cube in Season 5

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 19 Feb 2021

Fans of Fortnite have been speculating about the return of Kevin the Cube for a while now. This mysterious object was seen in Chapter 1 in the game and became important to the whole chapter.

In Chapter 2, it was being speculated that Kevin the Cube was powering Steamy Stacks. The company present in the area is known as Revolution Energy and had cube-like icons on its smokestacks.

With a few hunters yet to join the game and with the villain of Season 5 still under wraps, some fans are speculating that Kevin will be returning to the game soon. However, this is a small section of the community. A much larger share believes otherwise.

Is Kevin the Cube coming back to Fortnite?

Although the individual behind the above tweet has put in extensive effort to find the connection between the already formed portals on the map, the internet feels it's a stretch.


Fans also feel that it's just a random drawing and the portals appearing on the island have no connection whatsoever with Kevin the Cube.


Although most of the internet believes that the portals on the map don't form a cube's outline, the community wants Kevin to return to Fortnite. A user on Twitter mentioned that this was a sign that the first Fortnite map might also return.

That being said, there's no information about Kevin the Cube returning to Fortnite any time soon. Given how Epic Games is shaping Fortnite lately, hints and teasers concerning Kevin would have been published already.


The lack of any teasers from the publisher makes it hard to believe that Kevin will be returning to Fortnite at this time.

However, with little under a month left for Season 5 to end, speculations concerning the end-of-season event are flowing in. Some believe there may not be any end-of-season events at all. Season 5 might lead directly into Season 6.


Others believe that the changes in a few NPCs' audio files on the island make it evident that the grevent is on the cards.

Deadfire and Kondor's changed speech indicate that something interesting is on its way to Fortnite this season itself. Still, it's tough to tell if it's Kevin the Cube or not with the available information.

Published 19 Feb 2021, 15:27 IST
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