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Fortnite: Players on Apple devices will still be able to play Fortnite, but only with other Apple players

(Image Credit: digitaltrends)
(Image Credit: digitaltrends)
Modified 27 Aug 2020

Fortnite players who play the game primarily through iOS or macOS devices will still be able to play the game tomorrow, but not on the latest patch or with players on other devices. Apple-Fortnite will exist in its own bubble and be restricted from the rest of the Fortnite community.

Fortnite for Apple Devices

Fortnite was removed earlier this month when Apple banned the app from its App Store after Epic introduced the ability to bypass Apple’s 30% fee on purchases. Many players worried that Fortnite on Apple devices would end up entirely inoperable, however the latest news is that Fortnite on these devices will continue in their current form.

Despite the game’s continuation, Fortnite will certainly feel a little abnormal for most of these players because of the sharp drop in playerbase. Losing crossplay means games will only have a chance to launch if enough players, also playing within the Apple-sphere, are in matchmaking at the same time.

What will Apple players be missing out

Depending on how you feel about Marvel heroes, missing out on the newest season of Fortnite can be a big deal. Sure, players will still be able to play the game, but being stuck in their own time capsule is going to grow tiresome, fast.


Fortnite is a game that relies on rapid development and a constantly changing gamespace to keep players engaged. Given the game’s widespread availability, it’s likely most of the Applesphere will simply migrate to another method of playing, if they can. Others may decide to take a hiatus from the game, leaving only a small number left to continue this set-aside community of Fortnite players.

At least the game will exist in some form?

It is a little curious that Fortnite would time this fight to happen right at the end of this season’s lifespan as they must have known that it would mean losing the ability to update the game for those devices. Given how long the updates have to be worked on, it means there is likely a mostly or fully functional version of Fortnite Season 4 for iOS and macOS somewhere inside Epic Games, but that will almost certainly never see the light of day.

The removal of the Applesphere means that there will effectively be two answers to the question “what is Fortnite.” One will be an ever changing, constantly adapting, pop culture behemoth, and the other will be a vestige of a fad that passed long ago.

Published 27 Aug 2020, 00:50 IST
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