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Fortnite Remedy vs Toxin Challenges- Full challenges list and how-to guide

Published Jan 11, 2020
Jan 11, 2020 IST

Remedy vs Toxin Purple Outfit.
Remedy vs Toxin Purple Outfit.

The new purple style for Remedy vs Toxin skin is now available after players have completed a set of challenges.

'Remedy vs Toxin' Purple style unlockable.

It is clear without any doubt that the game has been in a stale state for the last couple weeks, with no regular updates and most challenges being exhausted a long time ago. However, Fortnite has a new set of challenges that will grant you an extra style which is a purple/black color schemed outfit style for the skin 'Remedy vs Toxin'. This is also most likely the last mission before we move on to Chapter 2 of Season 2, and we have it all covered for you step by step; whether it's bagging the medals and accolades or mapping how you are going to be visiting the food trucks. 

Other than granting you the outfit style, completing these challenges will also grant additional XP boost in-game to help you level up quickly. You can earn up to 52,000 XP for every challenge that you get done with.

In order to get started with the challenge you will need to reach tier 40 on the Battle pass which most players would probably have hit by now, this will have unlocked the skin which will then allow you to view and participate in the challenges.

Remedy vs Toxin Challenges are now live.
Remedy vs Toxin Challenges are now live.

Visit three different food trucks (3)

Food trucks are in abundance all over the Battle Royale island, we have an image that has three red markers signifying the three locations where you can find these trucks and get over with this challenge

Food Truck locations.
Food Truck locations.

Earn Silver Survivor Medal (3)

In order to earn a Silver medal, you will need to survive the game till there are a total of 25 players left including you. When attempting the challenge try to avoid hot drops and popular drop locations. Stay low-key and switch to passive gameplay till you hit the 25 people-left-alive mark. Repeat the same three times over to get done with the challenge.


SMG Eliminations (3)

Eliminate your opponent with an SMG, you will need to score three eliminations with an SMG. The easiest way to finish this challenge would be to drop into a team rumble game and get your points quick.

Search Chests at different Landmarks (7)

Fortnite has a little over 50 landmarks in total, drop in on a total of 7 different landmarks to finish the challenge. Since these challenges are just out, you can expect a horde of players dropping onto secluded drop spots which are also landmarks where people don't generally land at. Load up the team rumble playlist to quickly and efficiently finish the challenge in record time.

Fortnite Landmark locations.
Fortnite Landmark locations.

Reach both 100 shields and Health in different matches(3)

For this challenge, players have to reach max health in both the health bar and shield bar. This could be either done by looking around for shield pots or landing directly at a slurp truck to get to 200 HP. Ensure you land in an isolated area for the challenge since you may get shot and lose HP which will disqualify you from completing the challenge in that game (unless you heal up with white heals to regain full health)

Deal damage with a Common, Uncommon, and Rare weapon in a single match (3)

This could get slightly tricky, players are supposed to use three rarities of weapons as mentioned above to deal damage to opponents within a single match. Team rumble could certainly come in handy with its glider redeploy to quickly soar around the map and look for all rarities of weapons.

Deal damage to enemy structures (2500)

Each structure has health with wood being 150, brick 300 and metal 500. To wrap up the challenge quickly use explosive weapons in team rumble playlist.

Visit different bus stops in a single match (3)

You can find a ton of bus stops around the Battle Royale map, visit a total of three bus stops in a single game to complete the challenge. You can find a bus stop just outside of Pleasant park on the way towards the slurp tanker close-by. The salty to Pleasant route is the most efficient way to close the challenge quickly.

Fortnite 'Bus Stop' locations.

Achieve Weapon Specialist Accolades by dealing damage with weapons (5)

To receive the Weapon Specialist Accolade, players will have to deal 250 damage with the same weapon which will wrap it up for that specific weapon used, you can then move on to the next weapon and use it till you receive the medal for it.

Be first to catch a fish, first to land from the Battle Bus, or first to get an Elimination (1)

This challenge could get tough especially during the first few days; however the challenge itself is pretty self-explanatory. Here you have to be the first person in the game to do the following tasks:

  • Catch a fish
  • The first player to land from the Battle bus
  • The first player to get an elimination.

With the list ready and challenges explained, drop into a game of Fortnite and get busy!

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