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Fortnite removes Clix Box Fight LTM after his ban from Twitch, and fans are not happy

Cody “Clix” Conrad
Cody “Clix” Conrad
Rob Kalajian
Modified 15 Feb 2021

Fortnite streamer Cody "Clix" Conrad, recently banned from Twitch, has had his Clix Box Fight LTM removed.

The removal came after an incident on Twitter, where he insulted Fortnite CCO, Donald Mustard.

Clix fans unhappy with Fortnite removal of LTM

Most Fortnite fans are glad to see Epic finally take action against the toxic streamer. Clix's loyal fans are not happy with the recent turn of events. Many of them are trying to get the #freeclix hashtag trending on Twitter.

What they hope to accomplish by posting the same story over and over again is a bit unclear. Many Fortnite fans are pointing out that the copy and paste message is absurd.

As unhappy as Clix's fans are, a larger number of Fortnite fans are happy with the decision.


Still, it says a lot about the Fortnite community that so many individuals are taking Clix's side. The streamer's ban from Twitch followed the three-strike rule. He had repeated warnings of a breach of their terms of service.

His disgraceful actions on Twitter against Donald Mustard further prove he has no respect for the game that provides his paycheck.

Toxicity in Fortnite

Toxicity in Fortnite is nothing new. Fortnite pros and streamers are at the forefront of the issue, setting the example for their viewers.


It seems like Epic has taken its first steps in sanctioning toxic streamers for their public actions. Epic is usually pretty lax on enforcement when it comes to toxicity.

While removing the Clic Box Fight LTM is a start, many Fortnite players are still calling for Clix to be banned from Fortnite altogether. Time will tell if any further actions against Clix will arise.

Published 15 Feb 2021, 22:11 IST
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