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Fortnite's Stretched resolution glitch has been permanently patched!

An example of "Stretched resolution" in-game.
An example of "Stretched resolution" in-game.
Modified 25 Feb 2020, 22:55 IST

For a brief period of time, the Fortnite community was back to playing on the stretched resolution. 

This was right after the v12.00 update when a few players realized the existence of a bypass that allowed them to use stretched resolution in-game perfectly as the new season was launched. This didn't just quickly gain popularity but had many players already switching back to their favorite stretch resolution to enjoy a game of Fortnite. 

While many native resolution folks may complain that stretch might be unfair, a large chunk of the community seemed inclined towards supporting the idea of playing on whichever resolution players prefer. As the name suggests, stretched resolution provided players with extra FOV i.e Field of View, allowing them to see more than others which might count as an advantage, especially in competitive scenes.

However, the benefits of stretch do not stop there, many players reported that apart from the additional FOV, their game performance was much smoother than before and they also noticed a significant improvement in their FPS in-game. This was also one of the primary reasons why a ton of laptop and low-end PC gamers switched from native to stretch in the first place. 

Back in the earlier seasons, stretched resolution was a perfectly normal thing and every player had their own preference for how stretched they wanted their game to be. This was until Epic games decided back in early April 2019 that stretch resolution would not be allowed anymore in order to provide an even playing field for all players across all platforms. 

The decision was also taken as a result of them trying to improve their competitive scene. Today on 25th February 2020, Epic Games have released yet another small patch that makes it impossible to use stretch with the newfound glitch. It is clear that Epic does not want the stretch to be a part of the game.

Published 25 Feb 2020, 22:55 IST
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