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Fortnite Season 4: 5 Best exploits that can turn the game in your favor in an instant

(Image Credit: Epic Games)
(Image Credit: Epic Games)
Modified 14 Sep 2020, 12:07 IST

Chapter 2 - Season 4 of Fortnite brings with it plenty of new tips and exploits for players to use. For anyone who's looking to gain an edge on their opponents, here are 5 exploits or tips to utilize in Fortnite.

5 exploits in Fortnite

#5 - Boogie bombs

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

Boogie bombs have been around in Fortnite for a long time. When thrown at another player, the bomb makes them dance for a few seconds where they can no longer defend themselves. It makes other players completely vulnerable to attack. The only possible defense used to be jumping around and hoping for the best.

However, in the new Fortnite season, crash pads may be the answer. If players have a crash pad in their inventory when a boogie bomb hits, two buttons can save them. Once they're dancing, double tapping the jump button or key will cause a crash pad to deploy under directly underneath the jump. They'll be launched in the air while they are stuck dancing to the boogie bomb.

A second trick with the boogie bomb involves vehicles. In Fortnite, when the boogie bomb connects with a player, regardless of where they are, they must dance. If a player is hit with one in a vehicle, they still have to dance. That forces players out of vehicles and exposes them to any attacks.

#3 - Boat fishing in Fortnite


Fishing in Fortnite can be beneficial, and maybe even relaxing at times. But players who want to win don't have time to relax, they need speed and results. Well, the best way to get those results isn't through using a fishing rod; just find a boat.

With a boat and some quick rotations, players can have all the loot from multiple fishing spots in a minute. All they need to do is aim the rockets from their boat at a fishing spot and all the fish will be killed. This causes all the loot in that spot to float to the surface and gives players quick rewards.

(Image Credit: Forbes)
(Image Credit: Forbes)

#3 - Mystical Bomb box

Mythic weapons aren't new to Fortnite, but the Marvel ones in season 4 are. One in particular that is going to be incredibly helpful is Doctor Doom's Mystic Bomb. The bomb itself has a charge time and deals 300 structure damage.

If a player can get their hands on the Mystic Bomb, they have a free entry key into any players fort or box. First the bomb must be charged up and when the bomb is ready to be thrown, all players have to do is jump on top of the box and the structure will fall apart. At that point there is no walling off or escaping.

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#2 - Fortnite Rifts

Image via HYPEX
Image via HYPEX

These next two aren't exploits as much as tips that come with the new season of Fortnite. Rifts are back along with new Marvel POIs that act as rift beacons. The rifts spawn randomly at those rift beacons and are an easy way to rotate around the map.

#1 - Stark Robots

Most players have probably seen the Quinjet patrols and Stark robots. They contain plenty of loot, including the new Stark Industries Energy Rifle. What players might not know is that once the Stark robots are taken out, they can be hacked. Hacking them will cause them to follow the player and attack opponents on sight. It's an easy way to get some extra back-up.

Published 07 Sep 2020, 01:30 IST
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