Fortnite Season 5 Week 13 Challenges: Where to find and throw fruits at Hunter's Haven

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Fortnite players are generally unfamiliar with strange challenges in the game, and Week 13 of Chapter 2, Season 5 has quite a few of them. In particular, one such challenge requires players to throw three pieces of fruit at Hunter's Haven.

While fairly straightforward, it is important to complete this quest as quickly as possible without taking a bullet. Hunter's Haven can be a perilous place to visit.

Where to find and throw fruits at Hunter's Haven in Fortnite

Hunter's Haven fruit locations
Hunter's Haven fruit locations

To throw fruits at Hunter's Haven in Fortnite, players need to enter one of the homes, find a produce box, grab the fruit, and toss it similar to throwing a grenade. This is done by equipping the fruit and using the alternate fire button to aim. Use the fire button to toss the fruit.

The Hunter's Haven locations marked in the above picture have produce boxes inside their kitchens. This challenge is straightforward as long as Fortnite players can survive the heavy foot traffic at the location. Tossing three pieces of fruit earns 20,000 experience.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5, Week 13 Challenges

With the new week of challenges starting today, all quest areas will be busy with Fortnite players rushing to complete their quests and earn XP.

Players should plan their rotations accordingly to make sure they can quickly complete their challenges before moving on to the rest of their match.

Each challenge earns a player 20,000 XP, with a total of 140,000 XP up for grabs. This is an excellent way to level up for Fortnite Battle Pass.

Week 13 Challenges include:

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