Fortnite Season 5 Week 9 Challenges: Where to Emote at Stone Statues

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With Fortnite's Season 5 Week 9 challenges out in the wild, let's look at the Emote at Stone Statues challenge. Completing weekly challenges earns players 20,000 XP each for a total of 160,000 XP throughout eight challenges.

It is not hard to find the stone statues needed to complete the emote challenge, so players should be able to complete this challenge in a matter of moments

Fortnite emote at stone statues challenge

After finding the crashed plane black box and performing a shakedown on some IO Guards, players can take it easy by using an emote at the stone statues found in Colossal Coliseum. This challenge is exceptionally straightforward, only requiring players to know where to look and having an emote equipped for use.


All players need to complete this challenge is land near Colossal Coliseum, find the two stone llamas guarding the front door, and perform an emote in front of them. 20k XP will be earned just like that.

Players should keep the emote quick as other players will be heading to the coliseum to gain their XP. It wouldn't be ideal to get shot in the back of the head while performing a popular Fortnite dance.

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This challenge is one of the season's sillier challenges, but players tend not to complain about such things when there are XP gains for performing an emote.

Fortnite's Chapter 2 Season 5 Week 9 challenges

Every week, new challenges are unlocked on Fortnite. Completing these challenges is an easy way to earn XP and increase Battle Pass levels. The full list of Week 9 challenges is as follows:

• Shakedown an IO Guard

• Find a hidden bunker

• Find the crashed plane's black box

• Deal 200 damage while in water

• Emote at stone statues

• Ride the Steamy Stacks

• Deal 500 damage to a Loot Shark

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