Fortnite Season 5 Week 9 Challenges: Where to find the crashed plane's black box

Black Box
Black Box

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 Week 9 challenges are up, which means it is time for more XP.

One of the challenges this week is to find Fortnite's crashed plane black box. This article takes a look at how and where to find the crashed plane's black box. It is relatively simple once the correct place to look has been identified.


Where is Fortnite's crashed plane black box

Weekly challenges are a great way to quickly earn tons of XP towards leveling up a player's Battle Pass. Finding the crashed plane's black box takes mere minutes, making the whole ordeal an extremely worthwhile affair.

Players will find the black box near the north-west corner of Fornite's map, right below Coral Castle. There is an area just south-east of the castle and up the hill that contains the crashed plane. Just take a look at the image shown below for a clearer picture.

Fortnite crashed plane black box location
Fortnite crashed plane black box location

The black box will be on the ground near a chunk of the broken plane. It is not too difficult to see and is near a large bush on the ground, next to some black luggage and other scattered items. Players should keep an eye out for an object that looks like a box with old-school audio reels on top of it. Snag it for a quick 20,000 XP. That's it. As far as Fortnite quests go, it could not be easier.

For those looking for a bit more extra Fortnite XP from the Week 9 challenges, go and shakedown an IO Guard for another 20,000 XP and watch the Battle Pass meter fill up a little bit more.

Although finding the black box itself isn't too hard of a task, the fact that most of the lobby will be attempting to complete the same challenge as well, could come as the biggest obstacle. It is hence advised that players loot up and ensure they are ready for a potential fight before attempting to complete this challenge.

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