Fortnite Season 6 teasers suggest that a Rambo skin could be underway, here is why

A Rambo collaboration just might be on the cards in Fortnite Season 6
A Rambo collaboration just might be on the cards in Fortnite Season 6

Fortnite Season 6 is already underway, and the season looks promising in terms of story and content. Recent speculation indicates that there might be a Rambo collaboration in Fortnite Season 6.

Since the current season is an extension of the previous season and there wasn't any viable conclusion to Jonesy's hunter recruitment spree from last season, more hunters might join the game in Fortnite Season 6.

Lara Croft happens to be one of the Battle Pass skins and could pass off as a hunter. Rambo would fit the bill as well.

Will Rambo be coming to Fortnite Season 6?

It's hard to surmise if Rambo will be included in Fortnite Season 6. For now, there's not much to go on with. Fans first came up with the theory after highlighting that Jonesy's appearance on the cover resembled John Rambo from the First Blood movie.

Fans also found a stark resemblance between the posture of Jonesy and John Rambo. Fortnite Season 6 saw the addition bows as well. Everyone who's seen the Rambo movies will recall that Rambo used bows and arrows quite often.

There's no official word from Epic Games about such a collaboration happening, but given that these clues exist, it might just be on the cards.

Fortnite Season 6 is called "Primal." The "Primal" theme oversees a lot of jungles and vegetation on the map, which encourages guerilla warfare. The character of Rambo has always been associated with guerilla warfare, and some fans believe this could also be a hint towards a collaboration.

Rambo would fit right in with Fortnite Season 6. Fans have already begun making demands with respect to a Rambo emote if the collaboration happens.

Although there isn't much hype about the said collaboration on Twitter, it should be welcomed by most sections of the Fortnite community for Fortnite Season 6.

There are sections of the Fortnite community that have been complaining for a while about the collaborations that Epic Games indulges in, but the inclusion of Rambo might change that.

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