Fortnite Season 6: How to win every match with Fishing loot

Image via Fortnite
Image via Fortnite

Fortnite Season 6 has made fishing incredibly efficient in the early game, thereby urging players to grab a rod and start swinging.


A season ago, fishing wasn’t a very realistic way to gain deadly weapons in Fortnite. In Fortnite season 6 though, fishing has been revamped, with new weapons and fish to be caught. Cuddlefish, Stinkfish, and the new weapons are all available as fishing loot, and they provide an easy path towards a victory royale in Fortnite Season 6.

Weapons like primal and mechanical are normally a really great addition. These can be upgraded and made into incredibly dangerous weapons. Although they can be crafted, the fact that they can also be found by fishing is a major boost.

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Why are Cuddlefish so key to Fortnite Season 6?

Another item that can be found while fishing in Fortnite Season 6 is Cuddlefish. Players can carry up to six Cuddlefish in one slot, which is more than many other types of throwable. Players, regardless of playstyle, need to stack up on these throwables, due to their seemingly broken nature.

Spending the first 10 minutes of the match fishing is well worth the reward. Cuddlefish explode instantly when shot, so they do area of effect damage. Cuddlefish aren’t for throwing directly at players though, because they only do 35 damage when it hits a player out in the open.

Cuddlefish are best used against players who are hiding behind builds. Shooting two Cuddlefish at a wall usually results in an instant kill. No one is sure why, but Cuddlefish negate wall strength and will instantly destroy walls when two are attached.

Along with that, two Cuddlefish will also usually kill any player standing behind that wall. They are broken in the sense that they shouldn’t be an instant kill, but they usually are. Anyone that isn’t instantly killed by this fish is usually one shot away from death.

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Stink Fish are a great kind of throwable to keep on the side in Fortnite Season 6

Stink Fish can be used for crowd control, because its area of effect damage lasts for quite some time. They can clear players out of bases, bushes, or any location where a player is camping or hiding out.

It's easy to underestimate them, but deserve just as much attention as the Cuddlefish.

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