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Fortnite: Server issues and exploits invalidated multiple tournaments

(Image Credit: Epic Games)
(Image Credit: Epic Games)
Modified 31 Oct 2020, 01:44 IST

The past few days have not been good for competitive Fortnite. Recently, the Fortnite Champion Series had to completely restart its Oceania and Middle Eastern regional tournaments, and the experimental Fortnite Box Fight tournament had its results completely invalidated due to a “scoring exploit.” These setbacks raise serious questions about Epic’s ability to run a successful tournament, leaving many players upset.

Fortnite Box fight tournament completely thrown out, Epic promises another one when ready

The Wild Wednesday Fortnite Tournament attempted something new by creating a 1v1 tournament mode which would have players attempt to out build and out gun their opponents without the variability inherent to the Battle Royale format. While the Fortnite tournament structure used for this tournament had some obvious issues, for instance ties were reportedly to be decided by the participants Epic ID, Epic went ahead with it anyway.

Unfortunately, an exploitable bug was left in the game mode which compromised the integrity of the tournament. If a player left the match moments before their loss, the game would fail to count the match as a loss and they would be able to try again. Using this bug, multiple players were able to score perfect runs through the tournament illegitimately.

This was apparently discovered too late to fix, and with Epic’s competitive schedule already filled with the Fortnite Champion Series they decided to simply invalidate the scores and promise to run another one.

Epic did not say whether there would be any kind of compensation for participants, or what would happen to the event’s prize money.

Fortnite Champion Series OCE and ME tournaments restarted


In addition to the mistakes that led to the Box Fight tournament being invalidated, two regions in the Fortnite Champion Series had to be restarted due to an unstated reason. As the premier tournament of the season, Epic is obviously much more invested in making sure these tournaments do complete legitimately.

Unfortunately, these setbacks are starting to pile up, and serious doubts are being raised about whether or not Epic can run its own competitive scene. At the very least, Epic did provide a response by rescheduling.

Published 31 Oct 2020, 01:44 IST
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