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Fortnite: SypherPK brings Ninja back to the game

Ninja and SypherPK teamed up after ages for a memorable Fortnite stream
Ninja and SypherPK teamed up after ages for a memorable Fortnite stream
Modified 19 Sep 2020, 00:02 IST

One of the biggest names associated with Epic Games' Fortnite is undoubtedly Tyler Ninja Blevins.

The 29-year-old Fortnite pro is one of the most well-known players associated with the game, and has achieved monumental success ever since he started streaming it. However, of late, Ninja can rarely be spotted broadcasting the popular battle royale title, as he and several other Fortnite streamers have moved on to other games such as Valorant, Call of Duty and Fall Guys, to name a few.

Fans have still eagerly been awaiting his return to the game which started it all, and in a recent Twitch stream, popular Fortnite streamer Ali SypherPK Hassan made it happen.

Sypher did not disappoint, as their Fortnite stream turned out to be a massive success, with even Ninja tweeting about how grateful he was, and that he enjoyed every bit of it:

SypherPK also recently released a YouTube video which chronicled the best moments from his Fortnite stream with Ninja. How exactly did the latter react to all that has changed with Season 4's Marvel theme? Read on to find out!

SypherPK and Ninja play Fortnite Duos


It's been a long time since Ninja actively streamed Fortnite, which is currently superhero-themed, involving popular Marvel superheroes such as Iron Man, Wolverine, Groot, Thor, and others.

Thus, with the stage being set for a memorable stream, SypherPK began by welcoming Ninja on board and promised viewers some 'classic Sypher-Ninja shenanigans'.

A highlight early in the game? When Ninja made the following comparison, which is sure to make fans nostalgic:

"Listen, dude, I'll be your NICKMERCS if you'll be my Lupo every once in a while!"

The duo went on to discuss the Combat Shotgun, where Ninja asked Sypher about its decreased strength. To this, Sypher replied:

"The Combat shotty... the blue one used to do 85 damage body shot, it does 50 now. The distance is still good, but it's not a gun worth using, I promise."

At one particular point, when SypherPK got knocked down, Ninja beckoned his chat and hilariously said:

"Chat, chat... uh mods, everyone! We have the title right now... I can see it, the YouTube thumbnail 'Carrying SypherPK our first day back'."

Ninja then referred to Dr Doom's mystical bomb as a 'spirit bomb', and then requested Sypher to take him fishing. On trying out the various kinds of flopper fish, Ninja freaked out and commented:

"Bro this is so cool! People be sleeping on this season!"

They then went on to discuss Iron Man's unibeam ability and the Ant Manor in-game, also claiming a classic Victory Royale, thanks to their opponent falling to his untimely death.

On the wholesome front, the SypherPK x Ninja Fortnite stream certainly did not disappoint, and delivered the goods. It also served as a treat for fans and was a much-needed walk down memory lane where two of the most popular Fortnite pros bonded just like the good old days.

Published 19 Sep 2020, 00:02 IST
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