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Fortnite: SypherPK reveals the new 'rarest' weapon in Chapter 2 Season 4

Image Credits: Firemonkey/ Twitter
Image Credits: Firemonkey/ Twitter
Modified 14 Sep 2020, 23:31 IST

Epic Games' Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is a superhero-themed extravaganza consisting of Marvel favorites such as Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, and Groot, to name a few.

With the latest season, Epic seems to have left no stone unturned in delivering a memorable experience for superhero fanboys across the globe.

From a host of exciting new challenges to a plethora of superhero skins, this season has so far been a treasure trove for fans of the game, who have so far been in awe of Fortnite's latest Marvel crossover.

One of the most popular Fortnite streamers is Ali SypherPK Hassan, who recently released a YouTube video where he revealed one of the game's rarest and most potent weapons.

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The new 'rarest' weapon in Fortnite ft Galactus


The central plot of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is based on The God of Thunder, Thor's impending battle with The Devourer of Worlds, Galactus.

Keeping the narrative arc in mind, Fortnite recently introduced the new Galactus Drones, also known as Gorgers.

Destroying these drones will provide you with exciting new rewards, and SypherPK's latest video revolved around these Gorgers.

He begins by saying:

"We're going to be using the Galactus gun... this drone is the only way you can get a Gold RPG and it drops a lot of other loot."

He proceeds to use a Galactus Gun to defeat the Gorger. He also provides a tip on using the gun, and then unlocks the ultra-rare Gold RPG:

"The reason I have to keep shooting is because if I stop, then it goes away. No one is going to expect a Gold RPG cause the only way to get it is from this thing. Dude, gold RPG literally does so much damage... No one's gonna expect a Gold RPG Rocket Launcher shot!"
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Image Credits:

He then proceeds to claim an effortless Victory Royale, noting that:

"They truly never see the RPG coming... Guys, the RPG, the rarest gun in the game, and you can only get it by defeating the Galactus Drone."
Published 14 Sep 2020, 23:31 IST
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