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Fortnite teaser almost confirms Snake Eyes GI Joe skin, cryptic Ninja Master tweet sends fans in a frenzy

Audio Teaser
Audio Teaser
Rob Kalajian
Modified 30 Jan 2021

A new Fortnite teaser seems to confirm fan suspicions of an upcoming hunter coming to the mix.

The teaser mentions that the latest addition is a "Ninja Master" and that lasers are shooting everywhere. There's also a very crucial mention in the audio that gives the whole thing away.

Fortnite Snake Eyes, GI Joe characters

The following audio teaser, along with a change in location on Donald Mustard's Twitter profile, gives off some excellent information about Fortnite's next character release. 

"...and knowing is half the battle."

Fans of the old GI Joe cartoon from the 80s will recognize the phrase. There is not anything else this teaser can be pointing to other than a Fortnite / GI Joe crossover.

This crossover means that fan speculation of Snake Eyes entering the fray is more founded than ever. There are only two Ninja Masters in GI Joe, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. We may get the pair of them as either separate skins or styles of an individual skin.

For those unfamiliar with Snake Eyes, he is an elite ninja commando for the forces of good in GI Joe. He rarely speaks, and prefers his swords to firearms.


While there is no timeline as to when players may see this new release, it was not very long after the last audio transmission that we saw the T-800 and Sarah Conner pop up in the Fortnite in-game item shop. It may well be that they will show up as soon as this weekend or early next week.

Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow
Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow

Fans of Snake Eyes rejoice. It looks like the mysterious GI Joe ninja master will be available in Fortnite before players know it. Thanks Jonsey, for finding another intriguing character for players to choose from. All that is left is to see if any other skins release with Snake Eyes and what other items from the GI Joe franchise will be available.

Published 30 Jan 2021, 00:41 IST
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