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Fortnite Update: 5.3 Patch notes and additions

277   //    24 Aug 2018, 12:36 IST

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Score royale!

The 5.3 patch released earlier this morning by epic games' Fortnite Battle Royale and has bought loads of excitement to the community. Minor tweaks and many additions have made this a major change with a lot to know before you jump into the game.

There has been an inclusion of a new limited-time game mode named as Score Royale! A different and innovative take on battle royale mini-games, the main objective of this game mode is to win the game by collecting the most number of points and the player who earns 2000 points first, bags the victory royale in solo mode.

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Players can earn points by various methods such as collecting coins found across the map, opening different loot boxes and killing other players. This mode has an extra number of llama spawns, to be precise, 30 llamas spawn randomly across the map. Sadly, llamas have only 20 materials of each type dropped as compared to the usual 200 materials.

Winning score :

2000 points (solo game mode)

3000 points (duo game mode)

4500 points (squads game mode)

Consuming an apple/mushroom - 10 points


Opening an ammo box - 25 points

Opening a llama - 50 points

Opening a treasure chest - 50 points

Opening a supply drop - 100 points

Eliminating opponents - 100 points

Find a bronze coin - 30 points

Find a silver coin - 50 points

Find a gold coin - 100 points

On a different note, a new weapon called Rift-To-Go has been added to all the game modes. This weapon item allows the user to create a rift where ever the player activates the weapon on the map!

This rift stays in place for 10 seconds letting teammates or enemies use it if needed. Bouncers now need line of sight of a player to activate. Pump shotgun equip time has been reduced from 0.96 seconds to 0.88 seconds, clearly indicating that double pump might come back in a few more updates if in case epic wants to bring it back.

A lot of other common bugs and glitches have been fixed along with these major changes making the game easier and smoother to play!

Stay tuned for week 7 challenges and how to finish them with ease. All the victory royales to you.

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