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Fortnite Update: New Weapon Added To Fortnite BR

232   //    15 Sep 2018, 17:02 IST

Suppressed scar

As epic stated ahead of the 5.4 patches, the suppressed scar is " a silenced weapon that rewards precision aiming ". As promised, the gameplay with this new suppressed scar clearly shows how exactly and painfully accurate it can be at even a very long range. The gun is found in epic and legendary variants. The suppressed assault rifle can be found available in vending machines, floor loot, treasure chests, and supply drops. The epic variant deals 32 damage per bullet, while the legendary variant deals 33 damage.

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From raw facts alone, the scar boasts to be dealing more damage and also have a better fire rate than the suppressed assault rifle, but the accuracy in the latter helps in connecting each bullet hence in my humble opinion is more devastating than the much-acclaimed scar.

The new gun has an amazing first bullet accuracy and is very very dangerous in the hands of anyone who has a good ability to tap fire from long ranges. Going for a fully automatic gun spray kind of play style is not recommended for the suppressed assault rifle because of its obvious first bullet accuracy. Also, this gun is extremely silent and can destroy an entire team from long range if the person who wields it can aim well enough without being detected. Painfully silent and devastatingly damaging are the key perks to the gun and hence is a very good addition to the ammunition department of epic game's Fortnite Battle Royale.

Sadly, in other news , the drum gun has been removed from the game. This is to everyone's surprise and a fan favorite, this gun is heavily loved as a secondary weapon by almost all players as the insanely quick rate of fire and high damage delivery made it a sure choice for everyone when switching from the load time of the pump shotgun or even the heavy shotgun.

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