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Fortnite Update v8.3: Positives and Negatives of Fortnite's new Respawn System

Anuj Gupta
11 Apr 2019, 20:38 IST

Image Courtesy: Epic Games website
Image Courtesy: Epic Games website

Developers of Fortnite had announced about Reboot vans for the game last week. The vans are a way for teammates to respawn their eliminated companions amidst a running match. The respawn system was introduced to the game on 10 April 2019, with the release of an update containing patch v8.30.

According to the patch details, after a teammate has died he/she will drop a “Reboot Card” which will remain in the world for 90 seconds. Once the card is picked up by any of the remaining teammates, they can then activate the process of respawn of their lost companion. The whole process of spawning takes 10 seconds and will initiate a two minute cooldown to the Respawn van.

Since the update has been rolled out for quite sometime now there have been good and bad views about the new system.

Let us quickly discuss the negatives first. If you are playing in a squad with unknown people you are at complete mercy of your teammates to respawn you. Even if you try to be a good person and revive your teammates, you will be at a very high risk of getting shot down. On the other hand, If you don't pick up the card in 90 seconds, the opportunity to respawn your teammate will be gone. Nonetheless, it will take some time for people to figure out how to go about the new addition to the game.

It has also been seen that people are not going for the option of respawning teammates at the risk of losing their own lives. Fortnite has a different style to it, having a man less on your squad does not affect the outcome so much compared to other games like PUBG. This could be one reason why people are reluctant. The other obvious reason is the gameplay, which is slower than that of games like Apex Legends, where it is much easier to pull off a respawn unlike Fortnite.

Enough of the negatives, now let us discuss one very plus point of the whole change. It has been seen in various online gameplay videos, the heroic moments of respawning a teammate. The respawned teammate has 100 Health, 100 wood and a grey pistol with 36 ammo. There have been videos of people getting respawned, surprising enemy and taking revenge on them with a common pistol, this is as fun as it sounds. There have also been reports that the respawned teammate is invulnerable for five seconds which is a huge advantage as he can kill enemies without taking a single shot.

The patch also contains a new event, Buccaneer’s Bounty which has limited time modes and in-game challenges. The storm damage start time has also been re-scaled to one second after entering the storm. Apart from this there are many minor bug fixes and gameplay tweaks.

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