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Fortnite v11.40 update breaks the game with Glitches and Bugs - No game sound, players shooting through walls and more

Modified 16 Jan 2020, 17:02 IST

'Fortnite has released its v11.40 Patch.

Fortnite released its latest update yesterday. The update was long-awaited by everyone within the community, given the fading state the game has been in for quite some time.

But with the v11.40 Fortnite update came new bugs and glitches that are now preventing the player base from truly enjoying their favorite game. 

A few of these glitches have already been highlighted and are under review by Fortnite's Dev team. They would in particular be focusing on a game-breaking glitch that thousands of PC players are being subjected to after the v11.40 update.

Credit: Fortnite Twitter.
Credit: Fortnite Twitter.

The issue caused the game to get confused between a player who wants to 'Sidegrade' or 'Upgrade' their weapon, causing it to glitch out when done in-game. However, the Fortnite Dev team has suggested a simple workaround that can fix the problem. Players can simply change the keybinds allotted for 'Sidegrade' and 'Object carry', which will work like a charm for most.

Here is the official tweet that highlights the fix for this issue.

The next glitch could easily be categorized within the "game-breaking" section since it essentially causes players to lose an important component of Fortnite, without which the game is not playable.

If you haven't guessed it yet, it's the game audio!


Many PC players have reported their game sounds going completely off after the v11.40 Fortnite update. Every sound - from lobby emotes to in-game sounds including their microphones and HUD interface audio - was gone.

That caused some players to fly into a fit of rage, which was clearly understandable given the update came after ages and left their game in an utterly broken state.

As of today, the issue is still under review and a fix for it has not been implemented yet. Here is the official tweet that highlights the issue.

There has been another glitch that we have been saving for the very last. This one is going to be a treat for players to catch unsuspecting victims in-game and hit them with a 220 Pump shot right through their builds.

Shooting through walls is now a thing after Fortnite's v11.40 update. Most wooden and stone structures in Fortnite have gaps and holes in them, and now it is possible to shoot at the enemy on the other end of the structure through those gaps.

Here is a video of YouTuber Ant Antixx demonstrating how this can be done.

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Published 16 Jan 2020, 17:02 IST
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