Fortnite v12.60 Update has been delayed - New Release Date & Scheduled bug fixes

  • Fortnite update v12.60 has been delayed for a while.
  • v12.60 closely and v12.61 would be the last two updates for Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2.
Modified 13 May 2020, 20:47 IST

Fortnite update v12.60 has now been delayed for a week (Image credits: Epic Games)
Fortnite update v12.60 has now been delayed for a week (Image credits: Epic Games)

Fortnite has yet again delayed their v12.60 update which was set to be rolled out this week.

It appears Epic Games are yet to test the update on their internal servers before it is released worldwide, which could be a reason behind the delay in Fortnite v12.60 update.

When is the v12.60 Fortnite update?


The following information was tweeted by a popular Fortnite data miner 'HYPEX'.

"Fortnite has recently rolled out an update for their Save the Word PvE game mode which suggests that any new update this week is highly unlikely."

HYPEX mentioned the chronology of upcoming updates in his tweet:

May 20th-21st -> Fortnite update v12.60

May 27th-28th -> Fortnite update v12.61

June 4th -> Fortnite update v13.00."


Fortnite has been in a state of content drought lately since no new updates have been rolled out for quite some time.

The upcoming hype in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 has been around the Doomsday event which will also be an end-of-season event. The Doomsday event will decide the fate of Battle Royale island along with the general direction in which Fortnite storyline moves forward.

Here is an article that discusses the Doomsday event in detail:

Understanding the Doomsday event in Fortnite: Are Midas' intention good or evil?

Bug fixes scheduled with Fortnite v12.60 update

The following bug fixes will be implemented in Fortnite when v12.60 update is rolled out.

Dragacorn Glider temporarily disabled in competitive playlists

The Dragacorn glider was alleged to have unfair advantages and has since been disabled. Players who bought the glider would be provided with an option to get a refund for the item.

Riot Control Baton Pickaxe temporarily disabled

The pickaxe when equipped caused issues galore. Teammates or opponents were unable to hear the footsteps of players who equipped the item.

This could have disastrous results in competitive games. Hence equipping the pickaxe has been disabled till the issues are resolved.

Hit Indicators showing wrong direction

Hit / Damage Indicators sometimes appear to be coming from the wrong direction than the source of the damage.

Published 13 May 2020, 20:47 IST
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