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Fortnite - 'WinterFest' comes to an end; Lightsabers removed from the game

Published Jan 08, 2020
Jan 08, 2020 IST

Fortnite 'WinterFest' event has come to an end.

The Fortnite 'WinterFest' came to an end on 7th January 2020 along with a hotfix that came on the same day.

The last 14 days in Fortnite have been packed with festivity and fun. The Christmas theme along with the 'WinterFest' event brought many new surprises to the Battle Royale map. However, as they say, all good things must come to an end, and the WinterFest has finally concluded too.

The Fortnite map also seems to be going back into its normal landscape with the snow melting away slowly. All WinterFest challenges were also disabled as soon as the event came to an end. Players will retain all cosmetics and items that they received during the promotional event.

The Snow in the Battle Royale map is starting to clear.
The Snow in the Battle Royale map is starting to clear.

The snow fade started from Slurpy swamp and is now making its way towards the center of the map. Soon enough, the map will be restored to its original form. Most Christmas trees around the map are also starting to be taken down along with 'Ice blocks' that usually contained fish. High-tier weapons are now empty too, although multiple igloos around the map are still intact.

It isn't just the festive frolic that is coming to an end, however. The Fortnite x Starwars crossover that took place at the Risky POI also showered us with StarWars themed Lightsabers which have remained an extremely controversial in-game item from the moment they made their way in Fortnite.

The Lightsabers allowed players to block all incoming bullets from the front and dealt 45 damage with each swing along with the final blow ripping players off 150 HP. This wouldn't be the first time that an item that was considered 'over-powered' was added to the game. From Infinity blade to Airplanes, the community has seen a ton of items that gave players a massive advantage over their opponents.

While it's debatable, a swarm of players might have contrasting opinions about these items within the community. 

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