Free Fire: Jonty Gaming's controls setup and sensitivity settings

Jonty Gaming
Jonty Gaming's in-game components explained
Rohit Singh
Modified 11 Sep 2020

Free Fire has changed the gaming industry in the country to a great extent. The game has proved to be a great source of entertainment for players, while boasting an exciting competitive side. It has also provided an excellent platform for players to share content on various online media and make a career out of it.

Jonty Gaming is one of the top Free Fire competitive players in the country. He is also a big influencer in the community, with a significant following on social media. The streamer's real name is Ajay, and he hails from Delhi.

He was a competitive player for Stalwart Esports' Free Fire lineup, and now pays for team Critical X. In this article, we discuss his in-game components.

Jonty Gaming's controls setup and sensitivity settings in Free Fire

Here are his controls setup in the game:

Jonty Gaming
Jonty Gaming's controls setup and sensitivity settings in Free Fire


#1 Graphics: Standard; Brightness: Classic; FPS: Normal

#2 Minimap: Rotating


  • Aim Precision: Default
  • Left Fire Button: Scope only
  • Quick Weapon Switch: On
  • Quick Reload: On
  • AWM Sniping: Hold fire to scope
  • Vehicle Controls: Two-handed
  • Auto Parachute: On
  • In-Game Tips: Default
  • Damage Indicator: Classic
  • Auto-Switch Gun: Off
  • Visual Effects: Dark

Auto Pickup

  • Weapons: Off
  • Armors And Backpacks: Off
  • Medkits: Off
  • Ammo: Off
  • Attachments: Off
  • Grenades: Off
  • Camouflage: Off
  • Event Items: Off

Jonty Gaming's Free fire ID is 180830489, and his IGN is CRX_TG JONTY. Here are his sensitivity settings, which are for different scopes and weapons available in-game:

  • General: 50%
  • Red Dot: 100%
  • 2x Scope: 100%
  • 4x Scope: 100%
  • AWM Scope: 100%

Ajay has over 1.66 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is known for his tips and tricks videos on Free Fire and uploads related to rank push as well. Jonty Gaming does not live stream the game on his channel, however.

The Indian is also quite active on his Instagram account, where he has 323k followers. He shares news and short clips related to his personal life there.

Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for more updates on Free Fire.

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Published 09 Sep 2020
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