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From Software News: Dark Souls/ Bloodborne Developer have two unannounced projects.

296   //    03 Jan 2019, 11:24 IST


Hey, there peeps! I bring you the coolest of video game news today which is about From Software, one of our favourite video game developer responsible for the likes of Dark Souls series, Demon Souls and the most recent and my personal favourite game of this generation - Bloodborne.

Okay cutting it short, In a recent interview conducted by 4gamer( via Gematsu), legendary director Hidetaka Miyazaki recently discussed his 3.5 product line which he revealed back in June of 2016.

Okay so if you don't know what this 3.5 means then be my guest.


1-Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

2-Unannounced projects.

Get what I'm trying to say?

Miyazaki has confirmed that 2 left from the 3.5 strategies are two completely new unannounced games which have the DNA of the traditional From Software games.

Though they clearly ain't ready to show them just yet because their latest big AAA title "Sekiro Shadows Die" an action-adventure game published by Activision is scheduled to release on 22 March 2019. That's really close guys and I know just like me you people also can't control their excitement.


Sekiro is shaping up to be a good quality single player polished experience, the likes of which we can only expect from a From Software game right?


But anyway coming back to what those other two games might be?

0.5 is sure to be Déraciné as I mentioned above, the PS VR title From Software just released a while back and you should not miss out on this one.

The other two well, I would really really like to believe that one of them is Bloodborne 2 but From Software recently commented about the same when people started speculating about the sequel because of a certain easter egg in Deracine which I'm not going to spoil. This is what Miyazaki had to say about this though-

I’m sorry I called the speculation, but that is pure mischief. I, as well as several staffs, like the title Bloodborne, but it may have been overkill. It is one of reflection points.

So I guess Bloodborne 2 is out of the question right? But one can't be sure. Who knows it might be their marketing strategy to fool us with believing that Bloodborne 2 ain't happening and boom they reveal it during Sony's event as a PS5 exclusive and take us all by surprise.

Don't tell me its not a possibility? Right? Right?

Anyways what do you guys think about this? What could be these two unannounced games? Tell me in the comments down below.

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