Genshin Impact 2.1 leaks: Aloy's Elemental Skill, Burst, Passive talents, and name card revealed

Genshin Impact leaks reveal gameplay descriptions for the upcoming character, Aloy. (image via miHoYo)
Genshin Impact leaks reveal gameplay descriptions for the upcoming character, Aloy. (image via miHoYo)
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A new character is coming soon to Genshin Impact: the protagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy.

In this collaboration event, Genshin Impact will give Aloy out as a free 5-star character. Officially, she will be a Cryo bow user in Genshin Impact.

Also, thanks to the leaks, some of Aloy’s gameplay mechanics may have already been revealed. Players now have a good idea of how her elemental abilities and passive talents will work when she's released.

Genshin Impact leaks reveal Aloy’s elemental abilities

Aloy’s Elemental Skill

According to the leaks, in Aloy’s Elemental Skill, “Frozen Wilds,” she will throw a Freeze Bomb that explodes into Chillwater Bomblets. When either the bomb or the Bomblets hit an enemy, they will take Cryo damage and get an ATK debuff.

A bomb or bomblet hit will also give Aloy a Coil stack, which buffs normal attack damage. Furthermore, with four Coil stacks, her normal attacks will deal Cryo damage via the “Rushing Ice” status.

Of course, Genshin Impact characters rely on Visions to use elemental abilities like this one. For Aloy, a character from a different universe, this might be explained by the rumored Ranger Vision.

Aloy’s Elemental Burst

Leaks claim that Aloy’s Elemental Burst, “Prophecies of Dawn,” will have her throwing and detonating a projectile for AoE Cryo damage. Her burst can be a good source of quick Cryo damage, as the ability scales up to 646.56% ATK damage at talent level 10.

One nice thing about this ability is that it's expected to cost just 40 energy, with a 12 second cooldown. This is among the lowest costs for an Elemental Burst for Genshin Impact characters, so Aloy fans should have no problem using her burst consistently.

Aloy’s passive talents in Genshin Impact

Easy Does it

One of Aloy’s leaked passive talents reflects her background as a hunter in Horizon Zero Dawn. When she’s in the party, she and the other characters will be able to approach some wildlife without startling them.

Owing to “Easy Does it,” Aloy players should be able to easily gather raw meat, chilled meat, or fowl.

Combat Override

With the Combat Override talent, Aloy’s Coil effect may also buff her ATK by 16% for 10 seconds. Meanwhile, other party members will get an 8% ATK buff for the same duration.

It’s unclear whether this talent’s effect increases as Aloy gets more Coil stacks, or if the buff duration is simply reset.

Strong Strike

When Aloy has Rushing Ice, the Strong Strike talent provides continuous Cryo damage buffs. Leaks predict that she gets a 3.5% buff to Cryo damage every second, with a cap at 35%.

Since Rushing Ice allows Aloy to deal Cryo damage with her normal attacks, this talent should incentivize her to auto-fire her bow.

Aloy's namecard in Genshin Impact

Aloy's leaked namecard (image via Honey Impact)
Aloy's leaked namecard (image via Honey Impact)

Like other characters in Genshin Impact, Aloy will have her own unique namecard. The design of her namecard has already been leaked, though like her gameplay abilities, it may change before her release date.

To unlock Aloy's namecard, players will likely need to bring her Friendship Level to 10, just like with other characters.

PlayStation gamers will be able to use Aloy in version 2.1 of Genshin Impact. Meanwhile, players who don't receive the free 5-star character in 2.1 will instead get her in the next update.

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