New set of Genshin Impact 2.1 leaks reveals Fishing pool, rods, and Fish types

Leaks hint at a fishing mechanic coming in version 2.1. (image via Genshin Impact)
Leaks hint at a fishing mechanic coming in version 2.1. (image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact has added plenty of features to Teyvat over the last year, and version 2.1 may continue that by introducing a new fishing system.

Fishing rods, bait, and different fish species are all predicted for Genshin Impact 2.1. If the leaks hold true, players will use their new set of tools to catch fish the traditional way. There will be various places on the map to catch the new fish, and this whole fishing system may even tie into the Serenitea Pot.

Genshin Impact 2.1 may include a new fishing system

A popular leaker, Genshin Report, posted about a week ago that fishing would be added in version 2.1 along with Inazuma's Watatsumi Island. For now, it's unclear whether these two new additions are related in any way, or if fishing will even be an option on this upcoming island.

If Genshin Impact adds the fishing system as expected, players will catch fish at different fishing points. According to leaks, fishing points are marked by ripples in the water.

There are currently 20 fish species predicted for Genshin Impact 2.1, and different fishing points will contain different species.

Furthermore, each species may have two models: an ornamental and non-ornamental version. Non-ornamental fish will likely be sent to the "materials" section of the inventory when they're caught.

On the other hand, ornamental fish are Serenitea Pot items - and they happen to be harder to catch.

As the leaked fish above shows, the ornamental version of a fish is visibly identical to the non-ornamental version. Of course, ornamental fish are furniture at the end of the day.

Players will likely store and display them in their realms with furniture items like the rumored Spiritcloud Pool.

Spiritcloud Pool (image via Genshin Intel)
Spiritcloud Pool (image via Genshin Intel)

How to catch fish in Genshin Impact 2.1

Apart from the fishing system being leaked, several images from the fishing tutorial are now allegedly revealed as well.

The Traveler at a fishing point (image via Honey Impact)
The Traveler at a fishing point (image via Honey Impact)

According to leaks, players will hold the fishing rod button to aim and cast their line. Bait placement is important here. If players throw the bait far from the fish, they may not notice it, but placing the bait too close can also scare fish away.

Fish will struggle to break free from the hook once they're on the line. Players will have to constantly adjust the tension bar to keep the fish from escaping.

The Traveler reeling in a struggling fish (image via Honey Impact)
The Traveler reeling in a struggling fish (image via Honey Impact)

Fish may also struggle more violently at times. When this happens, the tension bar may change more erratically, and the ideal tension range may move around. Players will want to keep the tension ideal as much as possible to make progress and catch the fish.

Leaks from Ubatcha claim it takes 20-30 seconds to catch a fish, which is a slow process in comparison to gathering other open-world items. Players who plan to speedrun some fishing points may want to account for this before they devote too much time.

Leaked Genshin Impact fishing rod designs

Genshin Impact fishing rods (image via Genshin Intel)
Genshin Impact fishing rods (image via Genshin Intel)

To accompany the fishing mechanic, leaks have revealed five possible fishing rods coming in version 2.1. It's expected that each rod can be earned in a specific region, and that they will be more effective at catching the fish in that area.

It's not exactly clear how players will earn most of these fishing rods. However, one rod, the Moonstringer, will likely be a reward from the leaked Lunar Realm event.

The Moonstringer can be seen in the image here as a potential reward alongside Primogems and what looks like a new glider. Following the leak, players will train their fishing skills and help an Inazuman fisherwoman catch a legendary fish to earn these rewards.

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