Genshin Impact Drink recipe for Coffee with Impact (Bartender event)

How to make Coffee that has some impact to it in Genshin Impact Of Drink A-Dreaming event (Image via Hoyoverse)
How to make Coffee that has some impact to it in Genshin Impact Of Drink A-Dreaming event (Image via Hoyoverse)

The latest event in Genshin Impact version 2.5, Of Drink A-Dreaming, has turned travelers into bartenders. Characters from several regions of Teyvat like Eula, Zhongli, and Beidou are visiting Mondstadt to relish drinks in Angel's Share.

The ongoing event greatly allows players to experience the life of a bartender. While some orders are pretty self-explanatory, others require a lot of experimentation.

During the event, Travelers are recruited by Luka to experience the life of a bartender, unlock all drink recipes to obtain the namecard style "Celebration: Binge Vessel" and other rewards. View details here:

One such drink is described as 'Coffee that has some impact to it'. Even though it is obvious that this is a coffee-based drink, guessing the other ingredients is as hard as it gets.

How to make 'Coffee with some impact' in Genshin Impact bartender event

Before moving to the recipe, it is important for players to understand the basics of making drinks. Every drink in the Of Drink A-Dreaming event should have a minimum of three ingredients that include Foundation and Flavorings.


There are a total of three Foundations:

  • Juice
  • Coffee
  • Tea

Flavorings comprise of the following:

  • Milk
  • Cocoa Paste
  • Caramel
  • Fizzy Water
  • Lemon Mint

Now, when the customer says that he wants a coffee that has some impact to it, players might assume that he's willing to get the strongest coffee drink available.


As it turns out, if the customer wants a Foamy Reef, the recipe for the same includes the following:

  • Add one jar of Coffee as the Foundation
  • Add Fizzy Water once
  • Mix th/ e drink, and serve it to the customer in the desired size

The aforementioned task is the perfect example of how the latest event in Genshin Impact can be quite tricky at times. Customers might not be good at explaining, and Paimon and Traveler will have to accordingly struggle to make the perfect drink.

How to get a special event-exclusive namecard from Genshin Impact Of Drink A-Dreaming event

The Of Drink A-Dreaming event in Genshin Impact has two sections called Tavern Tales and Bartender Challenge. While the former is based on interactions with characters like Diluc, Zhongli, Beidou, Lisa, and Jean, the latter is where players can unlock recipes.

// of drink a-dreaming: tavern tales: when they take their armor off SPOILERSkaeya can be really sweet underneath all that teasing :((

There are a total of 21 recipes in the event, and unlocking them all will reward players with the namecard style Celebration: Binge Vessel. On the flip side, completing each Tavern Tale provides Primogems.

i nominate the bartender event as one of the best chill events on genshin

The latest event in miHoYo's action RPG has been a massive success. As opposed to clearing fast-paced domains and taking part in investigations, players just have to work as bartenders and interact with the residents of Mondstadt.

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