Genshin Impact faction guide: Who are the Knights of Favonius?

Who are the Knights of Favonius in Genshin Impact? (image via miHoYo)
Who are the Knights of Favonius in Genshin Impact? (image via miHoYo)

miHoYo has done an incredible job in creating a very dense and intricate world in Genshin Impact with an expansive narrative, and a lore that gets deeper with every chapter.

And now with patch 2.1 on the way, players are quite excited about the new storylines that the devs will be looking to implement in the game. However, before the expansion hits, and the Inazuma arc progresses any further, let’s take a slight recap on some of the things that we know so far.

Genshin Impact’s world, which is called Teyvat, is divided into seven kingdoms or countries, and each is overseen by an Archon. However, the Archons are not the only symbols of governance in these nations, as each of the countries is directly run by a particular faction.

While for Mondstadt it’s the Knights of Favonius, it’s the Liyue Qixing for Liyue, Inazuma Bakufu for Inazuma, and the Fatui for Snezhnaya.

Today’s article will talk about the Knights of Favonius, and everything that is known about them so far.

Who are the Knights of Favonius in Genshin Impact?

Barbatos and Venessa established the Knights of Favonius (Image via Genshin Impact)
Barbatos and Venessa established the Knights of Favonius (Image via Genshin Impact)

Known as the order responsible for protecting Mondstadt, the Knights of Favonius was established 1000 years before Genshin Impact’s present storyline by the “legendary hero” Venessa, with the help of the Anemo Archon, Barbatos.

On the surface, the Knights of Favonius may not look like much. Especially for newer players who see the knights do absolutely nothing in Mondstadt while they give out quests to the traveler.

However, the real strength of the knights lies in their well-established upper echelons, who not just excel in the field of combat, but in science, alchemy and magic as well.

Mondstadt was established on Barbatos’ divine Ideal of freedom, and the residents are free to explore whatever they want. This is one of the bigger reasons why Mondstadt does not excel in just one school of thought.

Key Figures in Genshin Impact’s Knights of Favonius

Varka: Grand Master and Knight of Boreas

Varka leads the Knights of Favonius (Image via Genshin Impact)
Varka leads the Knights of Favonius (Image via Genshin Impact)

The current Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius, Varka, is the leader of the faction but is yet to be properly introduced in the game.

According to the prologue, Varka had left six-months prior to the Travelers’ arrival, on an expedition with some of his elite forces.

Through various interactions with the Fatui Harbinger, players get to know that Varka is incredibly powerful and even Tartaglia/Childe calls him the “titan of the Knights of Favonius” and hopes that one day he gets to face off against him.

Jean: Acting Grandmaster and Dandelion/Lionfang Knight

Image via Genshin Impact
Image via Genshin Impact
Image via Genshin Impact

Descendant of the prestigious Gunnhildr clan, Jean is the acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius in Genshin Impact. Players are introduced to her very early on in the story and get a glimpse of just how important her role is in Mondstadt.

She seems to be shouldering a lot of responsibilities and is often known to exhaust herself by fulfilling all the commissions of the locals.

Much of her nature can be attributed to her sense of duty, and Varka’s often taking his responsibilities lightly and shrugging them off on her. However, she has no complaints towards his attitude, and promises to help the city prosper in Varka’s absence.

Kaeya: Cavalry captain and Quartermaster

Image via Genshin Impact
Image via Genshin Impact

Kaeya is one of the first Knights of Favonius that players meet in the Prologue, and he even joins the Traveller’s party after a certain quest point. Kaeya has a charming yet mysterious personality and it’s often difficult to figure out what goes on beyond his apparent facade.

Though Kaeya has a knack for lying with a straight face and getting others to do his bidding, Genshin Impact players can see just how serious he is about his role as a knight, and how he is determined to keep Mondstadt safe from all types of threats.

Kaeya might be playfully deceitful, resorting to underhanded methods at times, but he is by far one of the biggest assets of the Knights of Favonius.

Albedo: Captain of Investigation Team and Chief Alchemist

Image via Genshin Impact
Image via Genshin Impact

Much of Mondstadt’s excellence in the field of Alchemy and Science can be attributed to Albedo. The captain of the Investigation Team of Genshin Impact’s Knights of Favonius is known to be a genius and regarded highly by the other members of the faction for his intellect.

However, not much is known about his past, and it’s his very secretive nature that many find to be troubling. Parts of his character bio describe him as a homunculus, and Albedo himself mentions that he is made from a different substance compared to the other residents of Teyat.

He is known to possess forgotten and ancient knowledge as well, which is why he considers himself to be a threat to both Venti and Dainsleif.

Eula: Captain of the Reconnaissance Company and Spindrift Knight

Image via Genshin Impact
Image via Genshin Impact

Compared to the other Genshin Impacts’ Knights of Favonius members, Eula has a very colorful lineage. She is a descendant of one of Mondstadt’s oldest aristocracies, the now-overthrown Lawrence clan who were infamous for their tyrannical rule over the kingdom.

Eula, unlike the rest of her clan members, feels that what her predecessors did to the citizens of Mondstadt was unjust, and she dislikes it when people view her similarly to the rest of her clan due to the general sense of mistrust that they harbor.

She was denounced by her family for her outlook, and it’s her ideals and hard work that makes her a respectable member of the Knights of Favonius

Amber: The Outrider

Image via Genshin Impact
Image via Genshin Impact

Amber is the first character that joins the Traveler’s party and is also the first Knight of Favonius that the player comes across in the prologue.

Amber is one of the most cheerful members of the Favonius faction, and her well-mannered nature allows her to make acquaintances rather easily. And though she feels like a Genshin Impact character who is trusting, Amber is quite wary of Kaeya, and finds his secretive nature to be a part of his machinations.

She takes up the role of the Outrider for the Knights of Favonius, as she wants to fulfill her wish of becoming as good as her grandfather, who was once a “loyal defender of Mondstadt”.

Other members of Genshin Impact’s Knights of Favonius

Noelle: Maid and Apprentice Knight

Image via Genshin Impact
Image via Genshin Impact

Noelle is a dutiful maid of the Knights of Favonius who wants to one day enter the main ranks after enough experience.

She has quite a high standard of work ethic, as she always puts others in front of her own requirements. Her desire to be of use is so much that she often endangers her own life to save others, and this is one of the biggest reasons why the knights hardly ever give her a dangerous task.

Her strong-headed idealism is her greatest strength as well as her greatest weakness.

Lisa: The Librarian

Image via Genshin Impact
Image via Genshin Impact

Though she boasts the former title of the Librarian among the Knights of Favonius ranks, Lisa plays a much bigger role than that.

She is the reason behind the incredible development of magic in Mondstadt and she was even regarded as an incredibly powerful mage, and the most distinguished graduate in Sumeru Academia in 200 years.

However, she leaves Sumeru and takes up the role of a library organizer in Mondstand because of a growing sense of paranoia. Her Vision provided her a carefree personality, sated with knowledge, she wanted to learn more about the Gods, but she feared the price that was needed to pay for the truth.

Klee: Spark Knight

Image via Genshin Impact
Image via Genshin Impact

Klee takes a lot after her mother, Alice and boasts a very destructive nature, as the meaning of having fun to her is using explosives.

Though a Knight of Favonius, Klee acts her age, is naive about a lot of things in the world, and is often confused about discussions that deal with topics that she has no first-hand experience of.

Her inexperience also gets her in a lot of trouble, but Klee is adored by her fellow knights, and Jean often sends her to solitary confinement to reflect on her actions.

Sucrose: Assistant Alchemist

Image via Genshin Impact
Image via Genshin Impact

An assistant to Albedo, Sucrose plays an important role in helping the chief Alchemist with his experiments and making Mondstadt one of the leaders in the field.

Though a recluse, Sucrose loves researching bio-alchemy as she often states that her passion is to discover the secrets of life.

She researches for the very sake of it and does not put much importance on the results. She labels every variable she discovers as unique irrespective of how useful they are.

Edited by Siddharth Satish
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