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Vengeance shall be hers!

Eula is the reliable yet eccentric captain of the Knights of Favonius Reconnaissance Company and descendant of the feared Lawerence clan. She is a Cryo Claymore user who deals huge damage with her onslaught of weighty physical strikes and charges her burst through these attacks to deal an obscene burst of damage within a tight window. Maximizing this window is a delicate dance and reading this guide will teach you how to keep your footing!

How to get Eula in Genshin Impact?

At the time of this writing, Eula is a character event exclusive character. This means that she cannot be rolled by any means until she is announced for a banner rate up. She was last available in Version 1.5 and scheduled for a rateup in version 2.3.

1. Combat Info

→ Ascensions and Stats

Ascension PhaseLevelBase HPBase ATKBase DEFSpecial Stat (CRIT DMG)








MoraGemsCharacter Level Up Materials Materials Materials
Ascension Cost (0 → 1)20,0001 Shivada Jade SilverN/A3 Dandelion Seed3 Damaged Mask
Ascension Cost (1 → 2)40,0003 Shivada Jade Fragment2 Crystalline Bloom10 Dandelion Seed15 Damaged Mask
Ascension Cost (2 → 3)60,0006 Shivada Jade Fragment4 Crystalline Bloom20 Dandelion Seed12 Stained Mask
Ascension Cost (3 → 4)80,0003 Shivada Jade Chunk8 Crystalline Bloom30 Dandelion Seed18 Stained Mask
Ascension Cost (4 → 5)100,0006 Shivada Jade Chunk12 Crystalline Bloom45 Dandelion Seed12 Ominous Mask
Ascension Cost (5 → 6)120,0006 Shivada Jade Gemstone20 Crystalline Bloom60 Dandelion Seed24 Ominous Mask

→ Talents

Normal Attack

Perform up to 5 consecutive strikes.

1-Hit DMG%89.7397.04104.34114.77122.08130.42141.9153.38164.8177.3191.7
2-Hit DMG%93.55101108.78119.66127.27135.97147.94159.91171.8184.9199.8
3-Hit DMG%56.8 + 56.861.42 + 61.4266.05 + 66.0572.65 + 72.6577.27 + 77.2782.56 + 82.5689.82 + 89.8297.09 + 97.09104.3 + 104.3112.28 + 112.28121.3 + 121.3
4-Hit DMG%112.64122130.98144.08153.25163.73178.13192.54206.9222.6240.6
5-Hit DMG%71.83 + 71.8377.68 + 77.6883.53 + 83.5391.88 + 91.8897.73 + 97.73104.41 + 104.41113.6 + 113.6122.79 + 122.79131.9 + 131.9142 + 142153.4 + 153.4

Brandishes her greatsword, dealing Cryo DMG to nearby opponents and creating a Lightfall Sword that follows her around for a duration of up to 7s.

While present, the Lightfall Sword increases Eula's resistance to interruption. When Eula's own Normal Attack, Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst deal DMG to opponents, they will charge the Lightfall Sword, which can gain an energy stack once every 0.1s.

Once its duration ends, the Lightfall Sword will descend and explode violently, dealing Physical DMG to nearby opponents.

This DMG scales on the number of energy stacks the Lightfall Sword has accumulated.

If Eula leaves the field, the Lightfall Sword will explode immediately.

Skill DMG%245.6264.0282.4307325.4343.8368.4392.9417.5442.0466.6491.2521.9
Lightfall Sword Base DMG%367.0396.9426.8469.4499.3533.5580.4627.4674.3725.5784.2853.2922.2
DMG% Per Stack74.9981.187.295.92102.0109118.59128.1137.7148.2160.2174.3188.4
Max Stacks




Energy Cost


→ Talent Upgrade

Talent LevelRequired Ascension LevelMoraCommon MaterialsTalent Level Up Materials

1 → 22*12,5006 Damaged Mask3 Teachings of Resistance

2 → 33*17,5003 Stained Mask2 Guide to Resistance

3 → 43*25,0004 Stained Mask4 Guide to Resistance

4 → 54*30,0006 Stained Mask6 Guide to Resistance

5 → 64*37,5009 Stained Mask9 Guide to Resistance

6 → 75*120,0004 Ominous Mask4 Philosophies of Resistance1 Dragon Lord’s Crown
7 → 85*260,0006 Ominous Mask6 Philosophies of Resistance1 Dragon Lord’s Crown
8 → 95*450,0009 Ominous Mask12 Philosophies of Resistance2 Dragon Lord’s Crown
9 → 105*700,00012 Ominous Mask16 Philosophies of Resistance2 Dragon Lord’s Crown1 Crown of Insight

→ Constellation

1Tidal IllusionEvery time Icetide Vortex's Grimheart stacks are consumed, Eula's Physical DMG is increased by 30% for 6s.Each stack consumed will increase the duration of this effect by 6s up to a maximum of 18s.
2Lady of SeafoamDecreases the CD of Icetide Vortex's Holding Mode, rendering it identical to Tapping CD.
3Lawrence PedigreeIncreases the Level of Glacial Illumination by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
4The Obstinacy of One's InferiorsLightfall Swords deal 25% increased DMG against opponents with less than 50% HP.
5Chivalric QualityIncreases the Level of Icetide Vortex by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
6Noble ObligationLightfall Swords created by Glacial Illumination start with 5 stacks of energy. Normal Attacks, Elemental Skills, and Elemental Bursts have a 50% chance to grant the Lightfall Sword an additional stack of energy.

2. Availability

→ Paimon's Bargains


→ Event Wishes

Born of Ocean Swell 2021-05-18- 2021-06-08

3. Personality

Eula endured a harsh aristocratic upbringing, in which the principles of nobility were drilled into her and even after she forsakes the name of her clan, it still affects her temperament and loquacious manner of speech to this day. While she comes across as having a frosty demeanor and her frequent claims for vengeance for even the smallest slights may come off as intimidating, in truth she is caring and dutiful, and uses these calls for retribution as a quirky coping mechanism. Those around her long enough to know her such as Amber and Jean would frequently defend these claims, slowly but surely easing the long seated, albeit well deserved ire her last name brings and to see the people of Mondstadt accept her as she is..

4. Appearance

Eula has piercing light blue hair with a headband ordained with a four pointed headpiece.She wears a cape on her right shoulder with her Vision in clear view alongside a decorative feather piece, a black leotard with the Lawrence crest emblazoned on both hips, the upper back cut open exposing her back, and covered by her white/light blue knight uniform on top. Blue stockings covered by her black thigh high boots and silver high heels finish her outfit.

5. Character Stories

→ Character Details

Eula's role within the Knights of Favonius is Captain of the Reconnaissance Company.

The nature of her work means that she rarely sets foot in the city — she spends most of her time out in the wild, leading her team of scouts as they hunt down Abyss Order operatives and other monsters.

Known as the Spindrift Knight, Eula wields her blade with consummate skill but perhaps more importantly, she is well-versed in strategy and possesses great courage and excellent intuition. Grand Master Varka had nothing but the highest praise for her and even declared once that she was the Dandelion Knight's equal on the battlefield.

On the face of it, to have two such outstanding knights attending to the defense of Mondstadt in a single generation should be a cause for nothing but celebration. But dig a little deeper and there is a fundamental difference between Jean and Eula.

For Eula is a descendant of the once-aristocratic Lawrence Clan. The blood that flows through her veins once flowed through those of Mondstadt's oppressors during one of the darkest periods of the city's history.

Consequently, Eula has been viewed with contempt by the citizens of Mondstadt since birth. The Lawrence name stands for a legacy of depravity and despotism that stains Mondstadt's past and scars the minds of its citizens even to this day.

So, whenever Eula appears, old wounds resurface. People despise the aristocracy and this does no favors for her reputation.

However, Eula is strong-willed and in spite of everything, she joined the Knights of Favonius and rose to the rank of Captain.

When people in the city voiced their reservations, she would respond head-on, claiming that her chosen course of action was out of a desire for "vengeance." This matter-of-fact confession would alarm them all the more and has convinced everyone that she joined the Knights of Favonius only to serve as a mole for the former aristocracy.

One person who sees things differently is Acting Grand Master Jean. In fact, she speaks rather fondly of Eula.

"The rumors are all groundless. The Spindrift Knight is simply misunderstood, that's all."

→ Character Story 1

On one hand, she is a descendant of the disgraced Lawrence Clan, the scion of a corrupt aristocracy. On the other hand, she is one of the top two sword fighters in Mondstadt. In other words, Eula is equal parts tainted blood and superior swordsmanship.

There is no knowing when she might strike, nor what she might take from you. In the eyes of the citizens of Mondstadt, the Reconnaissance Captain is as unpredictable and tumultuous as the waves on a stormy sea.

Eula responds with a cold haughtiness to accusations of this nature. To any who dare insinuate such things to her face, she replies, "How dare you. Hmph, I will remember this."

She is consumed by the desire to avenge herself but is often on the move far away from the city. Sometimes upon her return to Mondstadt, she will brandish her greatsword and march straight to the Knights of Favonius headquarters.

On one occasion, two fresh recruits standing guard on their first day on patrol watched this scene play out before their eyes. Alarmed and unsure how to respond, they ultimately did not dare to intervene. Instead, they simply watched on helplessly while Eula made a beeline for Master Jean's office.

Much to their surprise, however, hours passed and no sound of a struggle was heard from within.

Still worried, the guards raised their concerns to Cavalry Captain Kaeya and Librarian Lisa as they were passing by.

"The Reconnaissance Captain is back again? When you saw her, was it when she was marching towards Jean's office with her sword in hand, looking like she wanted to kill somebody?"

"Goodness, I must head there straight away. How can they have a tea break without me?"

Lisa hurried to Jean's office the moment she finished speaking. Meanwhile, Kaeya took the two guards outside and explained to them whilst trying to suppress a fit of the giggles:

"We all know that the Acting Grand Master is a good judge of character, don't we? The Knights of Favonius are interested in a person's ability, not their family history. That's why she gives up her time to spar with the Reconnaissance Captain. In doing so, she can preserve the dignity of the Knights of Favonius while also providing a way of settling old grievances. Quite brilliant, don't you think?"

"Ohh... S—So that's how it is..." "...So 'tea break' is code for 'sparring'...?"

This kind of thing occurs almost on a monthly basis. But... if they're engaged in some sort of strange sparring ritual in there for the sake of settling old grievances and honing their fighting skills... How come they don't make a ton of noise?

→ Character Story 2

In truth, Eula is nothing like the fearsome predator many imagine her to be. On the contrary, constantly being met with prejudice at every turn means she is often the victim.

At one time, shops would refuse to sell her their goods, restaurants would put no care and attention into her orders, and the citizens on her patrol route would refuse to cooperate with her. So, Eula's work is fraught with difficulties.

When conflict arises, Eula fights back with a sternly worded threat to indicate that she will remember this grievance and make the offending party pay for it one day. It seems to work like a magic spell, because as soon as these words are uttered, the conflict ceases immediately without ever having to escalate to the level of an all-out confrontation.

Funnily enough, although people always have their guard up around Eula, she is a law-abiding citizen and has never harmed another Mondstadter in her life. She may come across as having a somewhat frosty demeanor but she is entirely scrupulous in her speech and conduct.

No one can ever find fault with her actions, and as people gradually get to know her, their morbid fear of her will dissipate. They will also start to realize her threats of vengeance are nothing more than a figure of speech that simply serve as a verbal warning in the moment.

Eula, who may or may not be working to bring down the Knights of Favonius from the inside... Eula, who may or may not be an aristocrat mole... New recruits in the Knights of Favonius find her the most difficult person to deal with.

When Jean sends a new recruit to track down Eula in the wilds and deliver a new set of verbal orders, they always receive the same response: "If you have to resort to tasking the descendant of your former oppressors with doing your work, then perhaps you are not as strong as I thought."

But despite the antagonism in her words, she will complete her newly assigned tasks to perfection. The new recruit is invariably forced to admit that with her abilities, it is no wonder she was able to achieve a captaincy within just a few years of joining the Knights.

Everyone knows Eula is the frosty and antagonistic Spindrift Knight, the aristocrat who has a score to settle with the Knights of Favonius, the openly hostile and potentially dangerous individual... but is this really the truth of who she is?

On the way back, the new recruit thinks back over Eula's every action.

What was that kind and resilient look I saw in her eyes when she wasn't looking at me? She seems to take her job seriously... So, surely she can be relied on after all?

→ Character Story 3

Mondstadt is a city of freedom and happiness where even the descendants of a disgraced former ruling class can find true friends.

If there is one person among the Mondstadt masses that Eula can trust, it is Outrider Amber.

Everybody loves Amber, so when she is around, shopkeepers will sell their wares to Eula at the normal price. If they're in an especially good mood, they may even say a few words to her during the process. It is at moments like this that Eula shows her most agreeable side.

Because of this, and because Amber is just so nice, she'll often accompany Eula on trips out, or even run all her errands for her and deliver the goods straight to her home.

Amber is also the reason that the city folk end up hearing all about the Reconnaissance Captain's accomplishments out in the field. Each time Amber informs them of Eula's long list of achievements in battle, they can't help but let out a little gasp of surprise.

Early one weekend morning, Amber stood behind a makeshift rostrum erected on a wooden crate and began announcing Eula's latest highlights: "Recently, the Knights of Favonius Reconnaissance Captain saved the life of a woman at Dornman Port. After further investigation with this woman's close cooperation, she then proceeded to successfully capture all the Abyss Order operatives hiding in the vicinity of the port. The woman in question was a renowned legal expert from Liyue, and the Knights of Favonius have since received official correspondence from the Liyue Communications Office thanking the Reconnaissance Captain for her deeds..."

Whether because Amber's persistent efforts have overcome historical prejudices or because Eula's achievements as a knight have quelled the long-standing fear in people's hearts, Eula's life has changed noticeably in recent years. Most of the city folk are no longer hostile towards her, and she has won over the members of the Knights of Favonius with her consistent results in the field.

As for the members of the Reconnaissance Company under her leadership, they support her unconditionally. They always have her back when they head out to Mondstadt's outskirts to defend the peace of their nation.

Of course, the person who has always tirelessly rooted for Eula and is now the most delighted to see people's attitudes towards her change is Amber. They had been friends for a long time before Eula ever joined the Knights of Favonius, and as the granddaughter and beloved mentee of the first Outrider, Eula trusts her completely.

→ Character Story 4

One might not expect this from her frosty attitude and sharp tongue but Eula is a talented chef.

The Reconnaissance Company today prides itself on having the best field rations in the Knights of Favonius. One staple of their inventory is a moon-shaped pie. Though a field ration, this wonderfully delicious and highly portable food is loved by all who try it.

The Reconnaissance Company's designated chef once admitted that when developing this item, she was inspired by the captain's own baked goods. She extended the baking time to make the crust tougher and also substituted a few highly perishable ingredients with ones that last longer, reducing the cost while significantly prolonging the shelf life.

Even after such a major change to the recipe, the pie still tasted delicious. So, whenever the scouts are snacking, they can't help but wonder: If this is the field ration version, how delicious must the captain's original recipe taste?

The answer to this question is buried deep within the pages of a dusty old book in the library. The Lawrence Clan may have been overthrown a long time ago, but they have never given up hope of one day rising again and reclaiming their place as the ruling class. So that they are always prepared for this monumental moment, their offspring are subjected to an educational regime so unbelievably harsh that it is considered borderline abusive.

"Noble obligations" must be performed to absolute perfection in every possible sense, and these obligations cover etiquette, ritual, and study as well as cooking and other domestic chores.

In the eyes of the Lawrence Clan, "Post-liberation Mondstadt lacks etiquette and taste. When the day comes for our clan to seize power once more, there shall be none who are qualified to be our servants. We must be cautious. We must never stoop to the level of the commoners and set foot in the quagmire of vulgarity."

The Lawrence Clan's culinary arts teacher was particularly strict. If your dough was missing a half-spoonful of flour, or if your condiment was a few grains of salt short or if you were two seconds late removing something from the oven, you were likely to be both scolded and disciplined. As far as Eula is concerned, the haute cuisine revered by the aristocrats is just another worthless consequence of people dogmatically following outdated rules.

For this reason, the only kind of person who Eula will permit to try her own home baking is someone who she... respects...? No, that would be taking it too far. Rather, it should be someone who she grudgingly accepts "will keep following me around and bothering me, seemingly undeterred by my warnings, despite having crossed me many times to date."

→ Character Story 5

Besides traditional etiquette, art is the second most highly prized asset to the aristocrats, known as the "second soul."

The "Dance of Sacrifice" — a ritual used by illustrious families to display their nobility — is thought of as the crystallized form of this soul, the prize gem in the ruler's scepter.

Folklore holds that Mondstadt's most illustrious clans jointly created the Dance of Sacrifice long before the aristocracy's reign of bloodshed began.

The third act, which represents the Lawrence Clan, is a solo dance known as "Flickering Candlelight." The most important part of the Dance of Sacrifice, it was performed by the most senior dancer, who was typically the eldest daughter of the clan.

The Lawrence Clan would summon top dancers to serve as tutors for the eldest daughter and ensure it was performed to perfection. Bleeding toes were seen as a point of pride and a rite of passage for every dancer.

This ancient ceremony was a continuous tradition for so long that even today, long after being expelled by the people of Mondstadt, the Lawrence Clan still honors it.

However, without the grand banquet and the gorgeous stage that once featured prominently in ceremonial performances, the Dance of Sacrifice is now far from the grandiose affair it once was. Furthermore, the stringent requirements regarding the dancer's posture and movements have also been relaxed due to the lack of tutors. In the end, the Lawrence Clan reluctantly decided that it could no longer be a mandatory part of the curriculum, and they relegated it to an artistic pastime.

Over time, the negative connotations and elitist expectations associated with this dance have faded away, and today it survives simply as a graceful dance.

As the eldest daughter of the present-day Lawrence Clan, Eula found it to be a relaxing pastime in her youth and a welcome respite from her other grueling courses of study.

Today, Eula appears to have put her artistic pursuits behind her. At least, no one pictures dancing when they think of the Spindrift Knight.

Nevertheless, a distinctly dance-like aesthetic can be observed in Eula's bladework, along with an elegant rhythm and musicality that are difficult to capture in words.

As her greatsword rises and falls and sways to and fro, her distinctive and graceful poise is like that of a dancer under the moonlight: faraway, immaculate, and sublime.

→ Glaciers and Waves

Eula is the bearer of the Lawrence family crest, the "Glacial Seal." It is the highest martial symbol of the clan and represents the spirit of the Lawrence Clan in the early days of Mondstadt before their fall from grace: cold and unsullied, undaunted by any flame, composed and unshaken in all circumstances.

Few among their number have passed the clan's trials in a thousand years and the hopes of the clan are passed from one seal-bearer to the next.

Eula was still quite young when she underwent the trial but she passed with ease, taking up the seal in the process. Then she departed with that badge of honor in her possession and has contacted the clan little since.

Her icy sword is a manifestation of that strength, whipping about her like a frigid blizzard and driving her foes back.

Yet sharp and bright as ice as she is, she has the nickname of "Spindrift Knight," leading many who hear that name to assume that she manipulates Hydro instead.

There is a story behind that misunderstanding — the story of a habit.

Eula carries an exquisitely crafted bone whistle by her side at all times. Each time she blows it, the air will be filled with the vivid sound of ocean waves.

The area her company is in charge of borders the sea, and to them, the sound of waves is an excellent tool for disturbing an enemy's judgment, or for deceiving less intelligent monsters into believing that a great wave is upon them, causing them to flee.

Eula has often emerged victorious even when pitting lesser numbers against greater forces in this way, and her unique combat tactics have earned her the moniker of "Spindrift Knight."

Of course, a bone whistle is capable of imitating many other sounds, and Eula has her reasons for imitating the ocean waves.

It would seem that "Glacier Knight" or something similar might suit her better.

But perhaps Eula herself prefers the rolling waves to the unmoving ice...

Wandering across the world, meeting and embracing reefs and sands alike with just the right intensity.

The free and unbound ocean spray is more akin to her inclinations than a thing so keen and frozen in time.

→ Vision

What is the true nature of a "grievance"?

Is a dismal circumstance? An unfortunate past?

And what does "vengeance" mean?

Is it to obtain justice and satisfaction? Or to drive one's foes into a chasm of agony?

Reclamation of the clan's past glories, winning the awe of the common folk, standing once more at the apex of rulership... These things are utterly unimportant to Eula.

She never experienced that so-called humiliation — indeed, it was her clan that tormented her endlessly. She then attempted to free herself from these shackles, yet struggled to obtain the acknowledgment of others.

Her grievances and vengeance are but a habit, a signal, a shield.

What remarks she should just laugh off, what concepts she should bear in mind given her unique circumstances and position...

How she should fight to settle the weighty issue of her bloodline once and for all...

It was with such doubts and more that Eula came under the tutelage of a long-forgotten old Outrider. From him, she learned an open-mindedness and down-to-earth persistence that she had heretofore not possessed. Before grievance and vengeance, before clan and outsider, one must find "oneself" first.

One's way of living, self-preservation, objects of perseverance...

Then call it "grievance" and name it "vengeance" — that will not change its essential strength and goodness.

It would be Eula's very own gentle path of revenge... When she did at last find it, there it appeared before her — her Vision.

6. Namecard

HOW TO OBTAIN: Reach Friendship Level 10 with Eula

Description: A cold heart is but a shell to protect oneself.

7. Constellation

“Aphros Delos” meaning “Brilliant Sea-Foam” in Greek

8. Quests and Events

→ Archon Quests


→ Story Quests

  1. Aphros Delos Chapter (Eula’s personal story quest)
  2. Act I: The Spindrift Shall Never Return to the Sea

→ Events


9. Character Interactions

Eula mentions the following characters in her voiceover lines












Eula is mentioned by the following characters in their voiceover lines








10. Trivia

As of the time of this writing, Eula is the sole character in the game to have their specialty dish be a 4 star dish. She is also the only character to have their Constellation name not be of Latin origin.

Whenever her Burst is available, Eula’s cape noticeably shimmers and glows, indicating its readiness to be used.

If you zoom in while Eula performs the 4th attack of her Normal Attack string, you’ll notice that she is blushing.

11. Explainer Video


12. FAQs

What is Eula’s best weapon?

Her featured weapon Song of Broken Pines is statistically her best weapon, although it is a limited 5 Star weapon that is difficult to obtain. Serpent Spine is a cheaper, far more accessible alternative available on the Batlle Pass if you can play Eula in a composition to keep the ability effect going, as well as the Luxurious Sea-Lord if you managed to snag it during its event run,

What is Eula’s best artifact set?

That depends on your preference. Generally Eula’s main two DPS builds are either 4PC Pale Flame (25% Phys DMG, doubled to 50% after 2 uses of Elemental Skill, and 9% ATK per use stacking twice) or 2PC Pale Flame/2PC Bloodstained Chivalry (25% Phys DMG for both 2pc). The former beats out the latter when used optimally but requires a conscious, disciplined effort to know how to keep her stacks rolling, whereas the latter is far more consistent and relatively autopilot not needing to remember such things

Can I control when Eula’s burst goes off?

Remember that if you switch Eula out, that her burst automatically detonates at whatever amount of stacks it has stored. In most cases early detonation is bad but if you see an enemy is about to be out of reach it can be beneficial to switch and let it go off so it actually lands

13. Final Thoughts

Eula’s playstyle is one that seems daunting at first but is far less complicated in actual practice in most cases. With a little bit of practice and some foresight regarding enemy movement tendencies, you’ll be able to dance around the battlefield like a seasoned veteran, leaving naught but an icy trail of destruction in your wake!