Genshin Impact: How to activate the mechanism in Chasm Underground

The Chasm is full of puzzles to uncover and complete (Image via Genshin Impact)
The Chasm is full of puzzles to uncover and complete (Image via Genshin Impact)
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Genshin Impact's world is full of puzzles to discover and solve, and the massive Chasm's puzzles can be especially tricky. Players must complete many of them if they plan on progressing the game's latest event as it further explores this deep cavern. Liyue's history is deeply tied to The Chasm, and fans who want to learn more about its story must plunge into its depths.

Players can learn how to activate an important mechanism in The Chasm here, allowing them to progress the area's story much more easily.

Activating the mechanism with the Lumenstone Adjuvant in Genshin Impact


This Genshin Impact puzzle will require players to utilize their Lumenstone Adjuvant, a gadget they will receive after entering The Chasm's Underground Mines area. Players must collect quite a bit of Lumenstone before they can activate the mechanism, and they can find the steps to unlocking all of the mechanisms here:

1) Upgrade the Lumenstone Adjuvant to level 2

collected all of the lumenstone adjuvant. im tired

Before progressing, you'll need to have your Lumenstone Adjuvant at level two at least. To reach this level, you'll need to collect 16 Lumenspar and one Lumenstone Ore. These can be found by exploring The Chasm and completing the area's main quests.


To upgrade the Adjuvant, talk to Jinwu at the base camp, and she will provide you with upgrades and rewards. You can gather some great items by maxing out the Lumenstone Adjuvant, so make sure to gather as many of these items as you can throughout your journey.

2) Activate the mechanism

The first mechanism (Image via ZaFrostPet)
The first mechanism (Image via ZaFrostPet)

Activating the mechanisms requires you to utilize your Lumenstone Adjuvant's Blooming Light ability. This ability can cleanse the Oozing Concretions built up around important areas in The Chasm. These Oozing Concretions show up as large purple blobs that must be destroyed by the light of the Adjuvant. By activating the Adjuvant near the blobs, they will be cleansed and spawn Lumenstone Energy.

sometimes you stop a video on exactly the right frame and realize...the lumenstone adjuvant's white cleansy power thing makes a triquetra when you use it.

This energy can be carried over to the nearby mechanisms, which show up as small totems with a crystal on them. By interacting with the totems while carrying sufficient Lumenstone Energy, they will be activated and release a flowing light that is integral to completing this quest. Once one mechanism is activated, you are free to move on to the next one, and you can complete them in any order.

The three mechanisms (Image via ZaFrostPet)
The three mechanisms (Image via ZaFrostPet)

You must activate all three of the mechanisms to complete the quest, and luckily they are all very close to each other. They all also follow the same solution method, so you'll simply need to keep clearing out the Ooze, collecting the Lumenstone Energy, and interacting with the mechanisms to activate them and complete this quest.

Genshin Impact's puzzles aren't too tricky to solve when players have the solution in mind, and activating all the mechanisms can be done quickly.

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